“I am in Africa, everything is fine” – Corriere.it

“I am in Africa, everything is fine” – Corriere.it

Eugene Prigozhin And he continues to speak – and make people talk – even after death. “To all those debating whether or not I’m alive and how I am: It’s currently a weekend in the second half of August 2023, I’m in Africa.” A video has just been posted on the Gray Zone Telegram channel, next to Wagner, shows him still alive, in Africa, while talking about the threats he received and his health. “For those who like to speculate, he says, about my exclusion, my private life, my business, or anything else: all is well.” According to analysis guardian, The photos are dated August 19th or 20th: The next day, the founder of the Russian private militia filmed another video, in which he appeared to be wearing the same method – camouflage and a beret – and claimed he was in Africa.

Three days later, on August 23, his private plane crashed shortly after take-off from Moscow, killing him: Exactly two months earlier, Prigozhin — after months of attacking Russian defense officials, had been guilty of every wrong move to Ukraine — He led a revolution by marching his men to the Russian capitalbefore stopping. Since then, many have expected him to “go off the scene”: But the Kremlin denied any involvement in the incidentHe called Western intelligence assessments of Putin’s involvement “an absolute lie”. According to analysts, the video will confirm that the “chef” was aware of the risks he was exposed to.

Prigozhin was buried on Tuesday, August 29, in a secret ceremony On the outskirts of St. Petersburg, his hometown. The Kremlin denied him a state funeral, lest his death be turned into a public display of support for the man who led the uprising against the tsar. It was also announced that his wife and daughter were in the cemetery But, according to Russian media, the woman was actually Irina Kravasina, the wife of the “most famous couple” of Wagner’s leader, Leonid, who witnesses described as “proven”. Despite the Kremlin’s official communication regarding the identification of the bodies and a message of condolence sent by Vladimir Putin, conspiracy theories about the fake death of the mercenary leader have not completely subsided.

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