The cry of the boss scares players, Bungie runs for cover –

The cry of the boss scares players, Bungie runs for cover –

because of an insectone of the leaders of the renewed raid of the downfall of the king Fate 2 emitting Scream very loudly Which terrifies the players. Bungie is already working on a solution.

The enemy in question is the fearsome Golgoroth of the Fallen Raid King, available a few days before in Destiny 2. Like many other bosses in MMO raids, if players fail to perform the specific mechanics of the conflict, the classic game happens to be a “wipe”. Or the immediate game for the whole team ends.

Due to a strange bug when this happens, Golgoroth emits a deafening shriek that puts players’ eardrums on the line, as well as frightening those unfamiliar with the issue, which has led to a chain reaction of video, like the one in the tweet below (watch out for the volume ).

Through a Twitter post, Bungie said that they are aware of the issue and while waiting for a fix to be published, they are proposing a simple “do it yourself” solution: lower the game size when encountering Golgoroth.

To stay on topic, Bungie last week introduced Eclipse, the new Destiny 2 expansion in its pipeline next year, and cross-collaboration with Fortnite.

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