Latest news of Ukraine. Russian bombs on Ukraine. American and German tanks in Kyiv

Latest news of Ukraine.  Russian bombs on Ukraine.  American and German tanks in Kyiv


On January 25, Defense Minister Guido Crocito explained to Kopacir the sixth decree on military aid to Ukraine, the first adopted by the government headed by Giorgia Meloni.

United Nations Tannell Abrams during NATO exercises
  • Anti-aircraft defense systems operating in the Kyiv region

    “Air defense operates in the Kyiv region.” This was announced by the regional military administration of the capital region, Ukrinform reports.

  • Explosions in the Kyiv region

    Ukrainian media reported that explosions were heard in the Kyiv region. According to preliminary information, it could have been caused by Russian missiles being shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles. The military administration of the Kyiv region confirmed that the country’s air defense forces are active and urged residents not to ignore the constant threat of missile attack. Local media reported it. Meanwhile, explosions were also heard in Vinnytsia, in central-western Ukraine, the Sosilin radio station reported.

  • Kyiv, 24 drones were shot down over the whole of Ukraine at night

    The Air Force Command of the Kyiv Armed Forces announced on Facebook that the Defense Forces of Ukraine shot down 24 Shahed Kamikaze drones launched by Russia last night across the country. “On the night of January 26, the Russian occupiers resumed attacks against Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed 136/131 Kamikaze drones,” the military wrote, explaining that the drones were launched from the eastern coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. The command notes that “all 24 units were destroyed by anti-aircraft missile units, combat aircraft and mobile groups of the Air Force in cooperation with air defense units of other components of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.” The military administration in Kyiv said it had shot down about 15 drones in the airspace of the capital.

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