WhatsApp has something new coming for groups

WhatsApp has something new coming for groups

Anyone participating in different conversations from WhatsApp group He knows very well what the main problem with doing this is: you risk receiving a flood of notifications on your smartphone. For this reason, not everyone was happy when WhatsApp announced that it had brought the largest number of participants to the group 256 to 1024 members: Good morning all enough to drain the battery. WhatsApp knows this, and it seems to already be working on the problem.

WhatsApp: “stupid” groups with more than 256 members

The news was intercepted by the usual blog WABetaInfo, specialized in beta versions of WhatsApp applications. Specifically, in this case, it was Trial version for Android.

WhatsApp Beta participants who have downloaded this version, in fact, as soon as they open it Group chat with 256+ members Read note:This group has more than 256 participants and is automatically muted to reduce notificationsTwo keys follow: the classic OK key and one to reactivate notifications.

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We are clearly having a great relief, which allows us to sign up for more numerous groups without risk to be overwhelmed by notifications without having to manually silence them, which is still possible with any group, even fewer than 256 members.

How to mute a WhatsApp group

silent Notifications from a WhatsApp group are very simple: just enter the chat, tap on the main menu with the three dots on the top right and then choose “Turn off alerts“.

We will be able to choose between time eight hoursAnd the week or Always We will also be able to choose whether you want to see (but not hear) the notification, not see or hear it. In any case , We will continue to see the group And all her activity is in the chat list. If we don’t even want to see the group anymore, but we don’t want to get out of it, we should Archive group chat.

When new notifications arrive

Finally, we specify as usual that when it comes to news in beta application From WhatsApp (and every other beta app), it is not said that the new functionality will necessarily arrive nor, at least, that it will arrive soon. WhatsApp does this all the time experiments In its beta apps for Android and iOS, many of which then fall into a void or disappear and reappear After years.

However, in this case it must also be considered that the groups of 1024 members are part of the largest project of WhatsApp communityAnd the Officially launched but not yet in Italy.

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Join a WhatsApp community that includes automatically The fact of participating in at least A very large group, often several groups at the same time. Thus, notifications being ignored by default is something that is very consistent with this project.

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