Spreading knowledge is necessary

Spreading knowledge is necessary

(Adnkronos) – “It may seem strange to many people for a cultural institution to engage with science, but for us at Fondazione Prada, engaging with science is essential. Science and research are topics of great importance and relate specifically to the related topics we want to work on and publish. I think It is very important that the different areas of research interact with and support each other.” This was stated by Chiara Costa, Head of Programs of the Fondazione Prada Foundation, in Milan on the occasion of the presentation to the press of the exhibition “Human Minds, Brain Preservation – Forum for Neurodegenerative Diseases”, which is part of the fourth phase of the Fondazione Prada project dedicated to the neurosciences “Human Minds”, Which was created in cooperation with 13 of the most important neuroscience institutes and universities at the international level.

“The people who showed the greatest interest in this project right away are the students and the artists – continued Costa – and that makes us understand that it was right and proper to take on this initiative, which now started 4 years ago. Before arriving at this exhibition, in fact, we had to do work “Literacy” which resulted in an online conference, in a series of conversations with experts and in an exhibition, was shown during the Venice Biennale, where once again the union between the world of contemporary art and the art of science and research was established.

“Of course, the educational component is very important – added the Head of Programs at Fondazione Prada – and this fourth chapter of the project demonstrates this well, which comes in different forms: the exhibition describing the activities of 13 international centers of interest, the online workshops, through which you will engage the research centers Students, in addition to the involvement of teachers and researchers, and finally the conference. I will never tire of repeating it: to work on relevant issues and look to the future, for young people is necessary.”

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