730, starting today, take car insurance as a discount: apply immediately

730, starting today, take car insurance as a discount: apply immediately

Today it is possible to deduct your car insurance through your 730, but only if you fall into a certain category.

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L ‘insurance The car is one of the high costs to motorists. every year Increase policy more and moreand in Italy prices are the highestbetween Europe Union. So when you can Saving is right to do soAnd today it comes Help Form 730. This is because now You deduct part of your insuranceif you match with specific category. You know this Category? Se no, rest assured Which we’re talking about now, and see if you get back to it.

The law has changed compared to the past

Remember how it was there Law until 2013on discount Motor TPL . Policy? We knew before that we could 19% off From the amount paid to National Health Service. The Maximum savings It was €40then one very low number. The problem It is since then 2014 there is no longer such a discountAgo 2013 DL 102And the delete itThus, the doors are closed to this little discount. today is something changed? Something has changed, and this is what it is We have to watch.

Fill in 730
A real discount on our insurance policy that did not exist in Italy – Motori.news

when we do tax declarationYou should know right away that they’re not there Discounts on our auto insurance policy. though expenseswhich can be settledwith the New rules today. these voices that can be get well I actually surplusand you do not go to Really affect the cost of the policy. that kind of There was never a discountit does not seem so Will there be in our country. But let’s see what items we can deduct using dal 730.

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The voices subordinate our insurance that we can enter deductible In the 730 In this 2022 I: death danger And the Permanent disability risk starting from 5%. fall into this category However, all of those too insurance premiumswhich belong toDriver injury. The voices So we can rivalis that For our basic RC cars. there Max amountwhich we can get deductibleand based on 530 EUR. Even this extra expense for basic policyAnd the Not all of them have been returned to usSelf Let’s get past thisimposed by Law.

Discounts at 730
Realizing these discounts on our 730 turns out to be really complicated – Motori.news

to caution Because if it really is restricted access to this deductibleand there are others Bets must be respected, to reach it. L ‘Life and accident insurance must be stipulated or renewed by December 31, 2000it must continue like Not less than 5 years. Moreover, I Contracts signed and renewed after 2001 there They are only included if they are concerned about the risk of death or disability starting at 5%. In addition to all this, has access to deductibleonly those who have A maximum of 120 thousand euros.

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