Spalletti angry wave, ADL missile, Kvaratskhelia worship and Osimhen’s creepy gesture

Spalletti angry wave, ADL missile, Kvaratskhelia worship and Osimhen’s creepy gesture

Don’t worry about MerrittWho at the end of the race wears the glove Chiller And he might consider it new if he’s not very good at it. “I had a lot of chances, but I didn’t make them,” says Coach Glassner. For the series: If you have to lie, say it big. Eintracht is more harmful than mosquitoes born in Tibet, which only drink chloroform and spit out all of Marzullo’s broadcasts.

Ahad missed a penalty kick from Kvaratskhelia. A fine line between Trapp’s brilliant rescue and execution with huge margins of error. that happens. What happens less is seeing precariously balanced follow-up and rear heel assist in the same action. As if Leonardo, after scribbling a sheet of paper, decided to draw Mona Lisa That same evening. Infidels should not be judged. Infidels religion, belief, worship. We thank Khfesha.

Two goals have been conceded in the last 8 matches between Serie A and the Champions League. He hadn’t conceded a goal since Dzeko’s goal, he experienced that insolence as a deadly attack, and learned another lesson from it. Like Vegeta who took a pill from Balzar after being beaten and became even more cruel. The reaction to the San Siro knockout is the most interesting mental aspect: This team has the spirit of Sergey BubkacHe has touched the pole vault world record 35 times. Top and top bar.

Three fouls at the start, practically more than all the fouls made in the entire season, and then domination. Lobotka pulls off Satan’s greatest trick: making him believe he never existed. And the Germans, like Matsogoros, bite us on the hook of Sambi: massacre. Stan dances alone, like an accordion swinging in the middle of the field and stretching and bumping without ever breaking. He’s the director, he composes the soundtrack, he chooses the costumes, and he even makes sandwiches for his lunch break. Lobotka is not a movie: it is cinema.

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Four crazy plays collapsed into a flashing space. There are more memories than others, which creep into the brain and you know they will never go away like the name of a classmate in grade school. 2-0 has already taken our future, it demanded an eternal promise that it will still be alive in thirty years when we remember this night. Velvet Anguissa, Kafara’s homage to Nureyev and Lefty Di Lorenzo are memorable sequences. “Never forget women and elephants” but in this aim the rule can be extended to anyone who knows how to understand the higher sense of beauty. It was combined with a team built, as sibylline De Laurentiis recalls, on sustainability and honesty.

Five in Ndombele, who enters in the slippers and frosty air of someone who arrives at the July session in Bermuda shorts. The rounding with which Tanguy dragged onto the field was irritating and gratuitous, a slackness that was all the more annoying when compared with the callous insistence with which Simeone soaked up every second Spalletti gave him. A goldfish trying to swim among piranhas.

You are in the spirit of Giovanniwho never spares you and marks a board with the wrong foot, remembers the times they called you Batigol and you played as a forward. Di Lorenzo is the attendant for this in Naples, part of the whole and everyone always plays their part. A technical, tactical and moral fish that could singlehandedly constitute an archaeological settlement: stone built of sweat alone, with diligence and supreme intelligence. I want a fridge magnet with the face of John: Place of Worship.

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Seven matches in the Champions Leaguewith Six wins And a much deeper field than the final scoreboard. It’s like watching an episode of Lady in Yellow, that you can spell all the events exactly but you already know the ending. Anyone who tries to stand up to Napoli ends up like Martha Medeiros’ poem: die slowly Who is trying to identify Osimin. Slowly dies the one who set two men on infidels and has to deal with Lozano. Those who think Kim is the threshold to be crossed are dying slowly. Slowly those who think of cheating die Spalletti (who gets angry at the end of the racereally, because even on a similar evening on TV there was still talk of Totti and Icardi).

Otto in Anguissa, who at one point in the evening decides to take over the entire Hess district as the brilliant Negan in the early years of The Walking Dead. He outsmarts everyone with Lucille, who mixes strength with delicacy one evening when he risks a score by dancing capoeira from the floor Eddy Gordo-style in Tekken 3 on the Playstation. A totem placed in the center of the heart, nothing but a diamond.

Nine to Osimim all around. There is Tasmania in the Napoli shirt, which does not let even a crumb of the match slip out of our hands. He waters the earth as much as possible without ceasing, and sends an entire defense into a state of capsize by weakening his nervous system. “Mika will try to take this too?”. Yes, the answer that bothers Germans is “yes”. Victor goes everywhere, Victor leaves no stone unturned. Victor scores and makes you dream. And Victor consoles infidels after the mistake from his place. And Victor laughs when his teammates score. laugh heartily. You explode with joy for another goal. Like children who have not yet discovered evil and envy. Don’t look at his target: look at his reactions to other people’s goals. To goals from Naples. From what is his Neapolitan. “It was Edmond Dantes. He was my father. And my mother, and my brother, a friend of mine. It was her, it was me, we were all.” Or anywhere.

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Ten for greatness exam passedWith the Mexican to submit the thesis. Lozano It glides like expanded polyurethane into the spaces left by Frankfurt, committed to methodically doubling Kfara. Hirving is the scalpel that plunges into flesh, the blade that splits Eintracht in two like Moses with the Red Sea, the not-so-secret agent who smashes the Teutonic game plan. Spalletti has fueled him in recent weeks with bread of confidence, and Chucky has repaid him by playing the most effective matches since wearing blue. Another weapon toward glory, let’s be clear: If we just look at the pitch, there is no team in Europe more deserving of the palm of Champions League favorites than Napoli.. I said it.

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