Beans starting point for a new leopard

Beans starting point for a new leopard

The renewal of Niccol Fagioli is an important starting point for the new Juventus led by Massimiliano Allegri, in fact representing the basis on which the club wants to restart by focusing on a player born from the nursery.

The US Tour has given encouraging feedback in this sense, and Fagioli could also start his first season in the tournament by playing for the jersey with McKinney, Locatelli and Zacharias.

The Italian midfielder has certainly shown good qualities in these first matches, between the desire to impose himself and the influence even if the transition from Cremonese to Juventus is not easy and we must always raise the bar.

The places are there and they can definitely be considered good, then it depends on the person involved to be able to constantly improve, establish himself and beat the competition that sees sacred monsters like Pogba but also experienced players.

However, it appears that Juventus’ intention is to gradually include players from the nursery, perhaps one player per season, among those who will be able to grow and assert themselves either directly through the under-23 team or on loan.

From this perspective, the position of Fabio Meretti, another player who could find a place in Turin, or on loan, must also be evaluated, while the position is linked to Rovella, a young man who has been considered a promise and is likely to eventually be on loan at Elsewhere.

The strategy seems to be to make the most of some profiles, Fagioli could be the first in a long line.

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