Israel and the United States, an air maneuver to simulate a lightning attack against Iran

Israel and the United States, an air maneuver to simulate a lightning attack against Iran

The Israeli Air Force will conduct large-scale exercises in the coming days in cooperation with United Stateto simulate an attack against the Iranian nuclear program. The exercises will begin tomorrow, November 29, and end Thursday over the skies over Israel and above The Mediterranean Sea. The news is given by Jerusalem Post. strong Tel Aviv Washington regularly conducts joint or coordinated exercises. However, this week’s week will also see participation in the competition long trips that Israeli pilots would need to reach the Islamic Republic. between Israel Iran continues to be very tense. Tehran, which in recent weeks has been grappling withwave of protests Follow the death Mahsa AminiIt remains committed to the uranium enrichment program and does not stop the smuggling of weapons to countries and actors in the region such as Hizb allah.

Behind the scenes of the operation

Last week, the IDF Chief of Staff, General, discussed the exercise, which will begin tomorrow Aviv Kochaviduring his visit to Washington. “We are working together on all fronts to gather intelligence, neutralize threats and prepare for different scenarios in one or more arenas,” Kochavi told the US Army general. Michael Corella. He explained that the United States and Israel are “developing joint military capabilities at an accelerated pace” against IsraelIran and other potential threats The Middle East. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Jantz He also stated that “Israel has the ability to act in Iran. We have the readiness, development capabilities and long-term plans that we manage. We must prepare for this possibility and we will also have to consider this issue very carefully before implementing it.

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Cover Photo: Three IDF F-35i – Twitter/IDF

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