Jermay will withdraw from the Giro d’Italia after hitting a sparkling wine cork

Jermay will withdraw from the Giro d’Italia after hitting a sparkling wine cork

22-year-old Eritrean cyclist Binyam Jermaye will retire from Giro d’Italia after hitting his eye during celebrations of yesterday’s stage victory: Having taken to the stage for ritual ceremonies, Girmay recklessly opens the bottle, sparkling wine turned towards his face, and a cork hit him.

After yesterday’s post-stage injury – which he won thanks to a superb sprint – Jermay went to Jesse Hospital for tests, then back in the evening to the hotel that housed his Belgian side Intermarche and Ante Joubert. Ciro Scognamiglio, send to Giro for Gazzetta dello sportAnd he wrote “Al-Ain does not appear to have sustained significant damage but the team preferred the path of caution for understandable reasons, and further investigations will be carried out today already.” Girmay announced his retirement on Wednesday morning in a video clip: It will take effect when he does not appear at the beginning of the stage around noon.

(Massimo Paulon / La Presse)

Jermay is one of the most promising riders in the world of cycling, capable of competing in team sprints as well as on stages with huge differences in height. This season he has already shown that he can compete with the best in quite diverse contexts, and his victories are seen as very important to the growth of cycling in Africa.

Early in March germay he won In Belgium, the Gent-Wevelgem, one of the main one-day races of the international season, is one of the races known as the “classics”. In this Giro, he was second in the points classification, a cyclamen jersey, and on several occasions found himself head-to-head (and wheel to wheel) with 27-year-old Dutchman Matteo van der Poel, winner of the first and second stages yesterday in Jesi.

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