Melissa Satta, a new breakthrough in love: Serie A has something to do with it

Melissa Satta, a new breakthrough in love: Serie A has something to do with it

Melissa Sata, a new breakthrough in love (

Melissa Satta, a new breakthrough in love: Serie A has something to do with it. A famous name appears alongside the now Sky Sports showgirl

Thanks pause leagueFootball-related TV faces enjoyed a longer-than-usual winter break and took the opportunity to fill it in. How Melissa Sata who chose to multiply, first in the sea and then in the mountains where he might also have found love.

Melissa Satta, a new breakthrough in love: Serie A has something to do with it
Melissa Sata, a new breakthrough in love (

But let’s go in order. Two weeks ago, the now-happy ex-Felina was on Sky Sports V you love Me I enjoyed the Florida sun with friends. The best way to forget the bitterness of the sudden end Matthias Revettihis partner for almost two years after saying goodbye to Kevin-Prince Boateng.

Back in Europe, I stopped in Milan for a short while and decided to bet on the Swiss snow in S.You are Moritz. On the same days she was there too Michelle Hunziker With his two youngest daughters but also Ilary Blasey Which brought Isabelle and met her new love, Bastien Muller.

However, in theory, Sata was alone even if someone doubted it. Like The Pipol gossip page that reveals an interesting background. Last weekend, the rapprochement between Melissa Sata and the entrepreneur from Bergamo did not go unnoticed Stefano Percassi. The two were introduced by their mutual friend, Christiana Corradi. Simple friendship or something more? “, Is written.

Melissa Satta, new breakthrough in love: it’s time to send Mattia Rivetti to the archives

If the nickname tells you something, especially to soccer fans, it’s true. Stefano is actually one of them Sons of Antonio PercassisponsorAtlanta In Serie A, he remained at the helm even after an agreement with an American fund.

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He is a fan of black and blues but also has a business that is popular not only in Italy. In fact, he leads the Kiko cosmetics brand, which started from Milan to expand to the rest of the country. After all, the family business is fashion retail, and he just chose a similar field.

Too early to talk about the special relationship between the two, also because Melissa went out with Mattia Rivetti only several months after they started dating. She was trusting to open her heart but she was burning.

Melissa Sata celebrates
Melissa Satta (

All was well until September of this year, when the dramatic negative shift arrived. According to the weekly newspaper “Oggi”, which reconstructed the story to the end, it was the businessman from Milan who put an end to the story. Melissa in mid-September, after a summer lived in the name of love, was going to ask her partner live together permanently. He did not feel like taking on greater responsibilities and thus would have preferred to close this road.

Hence the showgirl’s short post to formalize the farewell: “After nearly two years, my relationship is over. Thank you, Melissa.” Hence also one of his later messages on social media: “Once my grandmother said something sweet to me: ‘You will never be enough for those who don’t know what they want,’” she wrote.

Melissa Satta, New Breakthrough in Love: Her Life Story is the story of Kevin Boateng

Bobo Fieri was a great first love, at least in public, but the real story of Melissa Sata has a name Kevin BoatengThe father of her son, Maddox. Some time ago, it was the football player who spoke about their separation, stating that the reason for the separation was not due to treason as some assumed.

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Then she also talked about it, and gave an interview to the weekly “F” magazine. After the first crisis we decided to try again. We contemplated our mistakes and for a while found a balance, but it didn’t last, and at that point, it was best to separate: You can’t force things just because you have a baby… I won’t deny that I suffered so much. Separation is a failure“.

Melissa Satakivin Boateng
Melissa Satta and Kevin Boateng (

She suffers but also fears, because she knows very well that being next to such a famous person is not easy: “A non-famous man finds it difficult to accept the pressure that comes with being next to a famous woman. It’s intimidating. There are very few who would like to be associated with Melissa Sata “.

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