In Calabria the World Conference on Cyber ​​Science: for the first time in Italy

In Calabria the World Conference on Cyber ​​Science: for the first time in Italy

He arrived in Italy for the first time and Calabria is the place of baptism for his landing in our country. there IEEE International Conference “CyberSciTech” It started today in Valerna, but behind it is the hand of the University of Arcavacata. Organizer of the event he drew on the Tyrrhenian coast Scientists and experts from 56 countries in the worldis actually Lecturer at Unical Giancarlo Fortino.

Distinguished among excellence, Professor Fortino is a full professor of Information Processing Systems at Dimes (Department of Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics and Systems) and is One of the most cited researchers in the world, and the only Italian found in Clarivate’s ranking of “highly cited researchers” in the field of computer science. For his appointment to the position of the conference’s international founding committee, sponsored by Ieee, the world’s most important electronic and computer engineering firm, to which Fortino was named a “Fellow” (the highest ranking member) last year.

Planetary event, which includes four conferences on topics “dear” to the professor but not only: topics of relevance and of great importance also for the development of our lands such as Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Security of Cyberphysical Systems, Cloud and Edge Infrastructures, Distributed Artificial Intelligence. A major scientific program, which provides the display (in physical and virtual mode) of 190 articles written by more than 500 authors from 56 countries around the world (North and South America, European, African, Asian and Australian), 7 seminars discussed by eminent Italian and international scholarson a round table, “Factories of the Future” Enabled by the new technologies of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and finally introduced National Strategic Project “Radioamica”on the application of radiology and artificial intelligence to non-invasive precision medicine for the diagnosis of tumors, which was recently approved by the Ministry of Health and which is UNICAL pioneer with Professor Fortino as scientific director.

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« The richness and importance of the topics covered in the event venues One of the most important conferences on the national and international arena for 2022 The teacher confirms. In addition, the topics covered, particularly the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, information systems security and Industry 4.0 are complete In line with the Pnrr projects in which the University of Calabria is involved: Innovation Ecosystems – The Tech4You Project and Expanded Partnerships, particularly those for Ai and Cyber ​​Security.

The conference is also co-sponsored by Dimes dell’Unical and the companies Sensyscal, Bigtech and Ithea/Relatech, which was incorporated as a startup/affiliate of Rendez University.

Within the works, Professor Fortino also wanted to put a “lighter” moment: The special guest for the social event on Wednesday (September 14th) will be singer-songwriter Franco Fasano. – with which the teacher also has a personal friendship – who will present his autobiography “I Love” and will tell the audience about the curiosity of some of his most famous works.

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