So true, Soleil Surge talks with an open heart about her love story

So true, Soleil Surge talks with an open heart about her love story

Not long ago, Soli Sorge was a guest on Verissimo, and Silvia Toffanin’s show was airing every weekend on Canale 5.

During the interview, former Big Brother Vip 6th edition Vippona explained why he prefers not to talk about his private life:

I have chosen in life above all else to keep this area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife private…private. But not so much that we don’t have to talk about them or different things, on the contrary I think they are interesting topics too. But precisely because I was not one hundred percent sure that this was the man of my life. In the sense of the person you loved very much, with whom you fell in love and, however, is being tested. And in my life I am no longer ready to open up, declare love or even be interested in it. To do this, I promise that the moment I am 100% sure of the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, I will bring him here to let you know.

Then Soleil Sorge spoke about his current emotional situation, in recent days at the heart of the gossip:

Carlo? Existing Existing But he’s still someone who’s a part of my life, for sure. Everything goes on and on so well, I have no interest or desire, even in our relationship, to speak of. If I say too much about how much I love him or not, it will definitely affect our relationship. Until I see the rings on my fingers I consider myself single!

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