Alfa Romeo 4C: ten years ago, the supercar for kids

Alfa Romeo 4C: ten years ago, the supercar for kids

Back to the origins – He walks 2013Geneva Motor Show. A date and a place that will forever be etched in the memory of Alvist: withAlfa Romeo 4C, the Milanese house returned to dominate a sector where the law had always dictated, the law of small, light and fast sports cars. If a few years ago the 8C Competizione, due to its close mechanical relationship with the contemporary Maserati GranTurismo, showed an openness to luxury in which Biscione only ventured occasionally, now in times very distant, the model that ten years ago It collects its own spiritual heritage and fits more clearly into the Aflist tradition.

amazing streak – A modern heir to the light and flowing axe that dominated the roads and circles of half the world in the so-called heroic era of cars,Alfa Romeo 4C He was able to renew the legend. Thanks to the captivating line of supercar kidnothing high off the ground and with the engine – the same 4 cylinder turbo 1,750 cc direct-injection petrol Giulietta, yet all-aluminum and robust 240 hp instead of the original 235 – located behind the two-seater passenger compartment.

Without jerks, you know a small car inside Internal fittingsAlfa Romeo 4C It differs markedly from the original and is much more in demand than the prototype that appeared in 2011. However, the huge drawing of plastic and various details from the Member Bank of the Fiat Group did not intrigue 4C fans too much. An audience of enthusiasts ready, yesterday and today, to turn a blind eye to build quality in the presence of an Alfa that they had not seen for a long time. Imaginary, pregnant to give feelingsStrong without much compromise.

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Driving harshness – very stiff and nervous in fast driving, without even automatic steering and with an annoying tendency to “copy” the imperfections of the road surface,Alfa Romeo 4C appears today Almost a car from another era, although it only saw the light of day ten years ago. At just over €50,000, not excessive but not too far behind the Porsche Cayman’s more luxurious and powerful rival, Alfa Romeo’s super sports car aimed for a technical repertoire more like that of a racing car than that of a ‘normal’ sports car.

Super kids car even under the skin – frame in carbon fibre Designed by Dallara where one disembarks to get on boardAlfa Romeo 4CFor example, it weighs just 65kg and relies on the same extremely high performance standards as the counterparts that form the central backbone of Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini supercars. And what about performance? With a dry weight of less than 900 kilograms, the 1750 TB has an easy time making the 4C’s slim body “splatter” on the asphalt, which sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and close to 260 km/h.

It has never been broken in the market – Despite its undisputed charm and very high performance, usually the prerogative of upper-class models, theAlfa Romeo 4C She wasn’t really capable of that market penetration. Two years ago, the last specimens to roll off the assembly line landed in Australia, Japan and the United States, helping to spread another important piece of Alfa legend in countries where car enthusiasts have a kind of reverence for Alfa Romeos. .

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Today it is worth a fortune Exactly the fact that he always “walks” into the dealership makes the dayAlfa Romeo 4C, now out of production for a few years, a not very popular and very expensive car on the used market. Browsing through the major online car buying and selling portals, one realizes how hard it is to find a nice 4C now For less than 80,000 euros. But the quotes, in the case of the samples in perfect condition and a few active kilometers – coupe or spidersit doesn’t make much difference – they can even touch 100,000 euros.

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