Short trips canceled in France if there is a train (up to a two and a half hour journey) –

Short trips canceled in France if there is a train (up to a two and a half hour journey) –

in France enters into force Stopover for short domestic trips If there is on the same roadA valid train alternative (A maximum Two and a half hours).

After months of discussions and following the green light from the European Commission – with some restrictions – the new effective measure relates only to i Connections between Paris-Orly, Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Nor do they apply to connecting flights, even between such locations, i.e. necessary to embark on an intercontinental flight.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, celebrated on social media: He kept the commitment, he wrote.


Insiders point outReduce the effect of bansgiven the various exemptions also.

Moreover, the flights between Paris and Marseille (where the train takes about three hours) are saved, as are the routes between Paris-Lyons, Paris-Rennes and Lyons-Marseille, the latter because the rail links to the airports do not allow travelers to arrive early in the morning or Late in the evening.

The NGO Transport and Environment estimates that the ban on short trips in France is purely symbolic. European governments continue to ignore the main source of aviation emissions, which is long haul flights.

the conditions

Novelty has detailed conditions that reduce its effect.

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The train journey must, without changes, serve the same cities as the respective airports. In the case of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, it should be considered as the high-speed terminal serving the terminals. Not only.

The frequencies must be sufficient and the times appropriate – reads the decree – taking into account the transportation needs of passengers using this connection, especially in terms of connectivity and multimedia, as well as traffic transfers that the ban may cause.

Furthermore, the connection must allow more than eight hours of being on site during the day, all year round.

Brussels view

On December 2, 2022 Brussels gave the green light to France’s planbut it has been reduced to three – of the eight envisioned by the Trans-Alpine Parliament in 2021 – to be abolished within the country.

Then the European Commission said the country could add three more routes – between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Lyon and Rennes, and between Lyon and Marseille – but only if rail services improve and travelers are allowed to arrive in the early morning or late evening.

Two other proposed routes (from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Bordeaux and Nantes) were rejected because the journey time on the train exceeded the two-and-a-half hour limit.

influence in Italy

According to the analysis that courier Performed over a year ago In Italy there would be only three roads affected by a potential French-style measure: between Rome Fiumicino and Florence, Bologna, Naples.

Stopovers for short trips – aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions – Do not convince the airlines. Willie Walsh, director general of the International Carriers Association (Iata), has long explained that even by removing all flights of less than 500 km in Europe to replace them with rail connections, we would eliminate 24% of flights on the continent, but carbon dioxide in Sector Aircraft emissions will decrease by only 3.84%.

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