May 31, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“He was dependent on alcohol and drugs, he cheated on me with his sister’s sister”

“I had no control over our financial affairs, I gave it everything to my husband. I liked beautiful things and did not want to think how much they cost ». He admits Kathleen Paulthe ex wife Hunter BidenThe son of President Joe Biden, in his first television interview for the launch of his book If We Broke.

Hunter Biden, Secret Service Pays $30,000 a Month to Protect the President’s Son in Malibu


“He was always aware of the benefits and advantages of belonging to an important family,” Pohl adds without acknowledging that she was aware of the possibility that Hinter was using his relationships to get work, as the conservative media accuses him. In his book, Buhle recounts Hunter Biden’s years of alcohol and drug addiction, reminding him that he believed him every time he said he was away for a while on a trip, while on his way to detoxing. An unwillingness to see was also shown in Hunter’s extramarital affair with Holly, his brother Beau’s widow. It was his teenage daughter who signaled this to Buhli. Hunter’s ex-wife does not talk about relationships with Joe and Jill Biden, but only describes their love for their daughters.

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