“Marie Fore” season two from November 17

The stories of the boys held in the Juvenile Institute are back in the series “Mare fuori”, the second season of which will be broadcast over six evenings starting November 17 at 21.20 on Rai2. The first two episodes are already available in preview on Ray Play.
In these episodes, each prisoner will find himself in front of his family as a mirror, asking him to choose: will he follow in his footsteps or deny it?
New characters will join the institute, such as Kubra, a girl of Nigerian descent guilty of mother’s murder; Or Sasa, a boy who was arrested for rape, a crime he is convinced he did not commit. Meanwhile, an investigation is underway outside the walls to find out the real culprits of the crimes committed by the arrested youths.
Actors of the series: Carolina Crescentini, Carmen Riccano, Valentina Romani, Nicolas Mobas, Massimiliano Caiazo, Vincenzo Ferreira, Antonio Di Matteo and Anna Amirati.
In the first episode titled “The Family That Will Come” Carmine is hung between life and death, but Nina does not give up, convinced that the future must be created. Crushed by guilt, Massimo (Carmen Ricano) decides to leave his position as captain, and Paola, director of the institute played by Carolina Crisentini, finds herself alone facing the boys after Ciro’s death and wants to move Filippo Ferrari in order to avoid tragic consequences. To bargain for the fragile balance, an old acquaintance returns.
Then, in the episode “In Joy and Pain”, Sassa, a boy from a Naples well, enters the institute with an undisclosed crime and becomes a new target. Nadeza is about to leave and Filippo convinces his parents to host her in Milan. However, O Chiattillo is in the sights of Pirucchio who wants revenge on Ciro. Carmine comes out of the coma and marries Nina under protection, with Filippo as a witness, while Di Salvo is uninvited. Then fate will present the bill.
The soundtrack for the second season of “Mare Fuori”, produced and distributed by RaiCom again by Stefano Lentini and sees the collaboration with Raiz continuing, on the song “Amore che fa male”, and with Matteo Paolillo, the author of “Sangue Nero”, with voice actors Two young men and serial protagonists: Cardiotrap (Domenico Cuomo) and Gemma (Serena Codato).

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The Sea Out – Season Two‘, a co-production between Ray’s Novel and Bicommedia.
Director: Melina Kokoza and Ivan Silvestrini. From an original idea by Christiana Farina. Screenplay: Maurizio Carrido, Christiana Farina, Luca Munizzi. Produced by Roberto Sessa.

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