Russia’s introduction to France. Super Challenges Canada-USA and Germany-Great Britain – OA Sport

Russia’s introduction to France.  Super Challenges Canada-USA and Germany-Great Britain – OA Sport

The The second day of the ATP Cup 2022 Not only did it see Italy’s debut against Australia, but it also appointed Assyria’s main opponent in Russia’s first, semi-final race. A revolutionary team compared to the Russian team that had to enjoy the sacrifices of Andrei Rublev and Aslan Kardashiv, Only Daniel Medvedev was pushed to an extraordinary endeavor His choice in this match should bring him back to victory.

The challenge with France already presents dangers, The world number two should not have too many problems against Ugo Humbert. The first singular is definitely decisive, it confronts Roman Safiulin and Arthur Rinderkneck, and Transalpine is definitely the favorite. France should go completely 1-0, then the Martin / Roger-Vassel pair will play against Medvedev / Safiulin (which may change) in the currently appointed doubles match.

Group C’s program also opens up, probably the most struggling and balanced of the entire tournament. We begin Canada-United States and Germany-Great Britain, Two exciting challenges that can already guide the path of one or the other team.

Canada is set to compete as one of the leading national teams in this ATP Cup With a pair created by Felix Agar-Aliasim and Denis Shapovalov, But the singles against John Isner and Taylor Fritz were in no way ignored. Canadians are preferred, but be wary of a possible double landing, at which point Americans will start with the underdogs in the presence of an expert like Rajiv Ram.

Alexander Sverre’s season begins tomorrow. The winner of the latest ATP Final is definitely the best man in Germany and he will try to lead his national team in the fight against Great Britain. In the first singles division, in fact, Daniel Evans starts with a slight advantage over John-Leonard Struff, while Sverev tackles Cameron Nori. A dual landing with a super challenge between Kravitz / Puets and Murray / Salisbury is the most feasible hypothesis.

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