Smartphone, you should immediately delete these apps: the list that secretly consumes battery and mobile data

Smartphone, you should immediately delete these apps: the list that secretly consumes battery and mobile data
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We can say without a doubt that smartphones are among the most used devices ever, especially since a few years now, due to their extreme versatility.

It appeared in the global market more than ten years ago, and has succeeded in conquering millions (if not billions, at present) of users, with a presence Many models that perfectly fit the needs of different types of users.

We tend to divide smartphones into three big categories, starting first and foremost with high-end smartphones, the so-called “top of the rangeLed by the latest iPhone 14 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23, respectively, it is mostly suitable for those who have important needs in terms of processor power and camera sensor quality, which ensures excellent performance.

Danger to the battery

We then move on to mid-range smartphones, which are more suitable for those who are looking for a good compromise between quality and price, and finally we move on to low-cost smartphones, which are instead suitable for those who do not have special needs and are also satisfied with a product Modest, with poor performance.

However, if there is one thing that all these types of smartphones have in common, it is definitely battery consumption. In fact, smartphones, especially nowadays, require large amounts of batteries, due to their multiple uses, and it is not always easy to reach the end of the day to manage the battery charge optimization. McAfee I decided to make a list Apps that consume a lot of battery power (In addition to the data), so that we can be more careful and be able to get to the end of the day without worries.

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Low Battery – TheMagazineTech

Watch out for apps

In fact, more than 43 applications reported by McAfee portal will consume significant amounts of power, Which is detrimental to the smartphone battery life During the day. In total, it would have been the applications in question It has been downloaded nearly 2.5 million times By users from all over the world. It’s basically about Applications that allow you to play live TV (So ​​keep in touch), or that allow you Download music Completely free.

Rather, it is about Real time news app, which by their nature are constantly updated and therefore involve a significant consumption of the battery of the smartphone itself. The same applies in relation to Apps that load ads while the smartphone screen is off: Also in this case, in fact, the phone’s battery is seriously compromised. We therefore advise you to avoid all these types of applications, thus managing to significantly improve the autonomy of your smartphone.

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