January 27, 2023

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The announcement of the free games for January 2023 is coming, let’s check the leaks – Multiplayer.it

Like every end of the month, Sony is ready to announce Free PS Plus Essential Games for the following month. As for those of January 2023The announcement should come this afternoon, unless PlayStation changes its plans for some reason.

Recall that these games are included with PS Plus Basic They are also part of the additional and premium levels. Games remain available for one month: they must be claimed within this time to add them to your library. Once claimed, it can be accessed forever as long as you are subscribed.

We also refer again to Latest leakscoming from the trustworthy Billbil-kun who in this period also reveals the Epic Games Store games in advance (but not the one on December 29th, because it is a “good franchise”).

the January 2023 Free PS Plus Essential Games must be:

We repeat that it is leaking at the moment. As mentioned, Belbel Con It’s reliable, but until we get confirmation from PlayStation, we can’t consider this information official.

Advertising is likely to come Around 5.30pm, provided that Sony respects the classic set. We will not fail to inform you when the time comes.

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