Smartphone: Here’s the viral trick on TikTok of wallpapers | If you knew it, you would never do without it

Smartphone: Here’s the viral trick on TikTok of wallpapers |  If you knew it, you would never do without it
Trick to activate the background circle –

Full phone customization is one of the steps that people love the most because it allows you to make your device unique.

In addition to the wallpaper, cover and lock screen, there are many other systems that bring your smartphone closer to your personality and tastes.

A very popular feature of the iPhone is The ability to create dynamic wallpaper Which changes its image each time the phone is locked and unlocked. This allows you to always have a series of photos you’re particularly annotating right in the background.

the carousel wallpapers It is perfect for those who love photography and those who want to remember a lot of precious moments printed in the photos saved in the iPhone gallery, but that’s not all.

In the event that you cannot select a group of images to select them You can leave it to your smartphone, which will be able to recognize the most important shots in a completely automatic and fast way. To activate the function, you can follow two paths, but the one remains particularly simple.

How to set up a background carousel to personalize your iPhone

First of all, make sure that you have a set of photos to use as wallpapers on your iPhone, then open the app “settings” on iPhone. Scroll down, select “background” And touch “Choose a new wallpaper”, at the top you will find the “Album” option to be selected to choose the photo album with the most popular photos to display in the wallpaper circle. At this point, you can select the desired album and click on the image to set it as the first wallpaper.

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Customize your iPhone wallpaper – (Source: freepik)

It is possible here too Make any necessary adjustments-How to drag and resize the image. Once the changes are complete, just touch Set at the bottom right, and on the next screen it will be possible to choose if you want to set only the wallpaper to Lock screen, for home screen only or both.

Instead, you can proceed as follows:

  • from the lock screen From iPhone, press and hold and add a new lock screen;
  • To determine “random picturesand set “On every screen lock” in the “Random image frequency” section;
  • Select photos manually or let the phone decide which photos to feature;
  • press “Add”;
  • End the process Personalization by changing the time, widgets and notifications;
  • Click “Add” again.

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