June 6, 2023

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Some affinity deals with the exclusive, so is the rumored Monster Hunter? – Multiplayer.it

certain affinity It’s hiring staff for a new game in development that seems to target platforms exclusively X-Boxwhich seems to be consistent with the previous rumor that the team wanted to participate in Action RPG in Monster Hunter style Exclusive to Xbox Series X | S.

There are no exact details injob advertisement, specifically intended for a senior graphics engineer, but the references are clear to a “three-A” game meant for Xbox, as one of the requested features is an “Xbox development experience”. This appears to be related to some rumors that surfaced in January about the development of a Monster Hunter-style game by the team in question, in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios.

According to what was reported months ago by VentureBeat’s regular Jeff Group and also by Windows Central, who largely confirmed the rumors in question, the game in development was set to take place at Certain Affinity with Xbox Game Publishing to offer a possible alternative in the context of Action R A PPG with characteristics that are particularly close to Monster Hunter, given the success of Monster Hunter World on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass in particular.

Specifically in order to have a kind of Monster Hunter that is exclusive and created “in-house” to be launched directly Xbox Game Pass On the first day, Microsoft turned to Certain Affinity to implement the project, which should be a trio of a certain caliber. The team in question so far has been primarily a support studio for the big games, led by Max Hubermann who was a key component in building the multiplayer game Halo. They are waiting for any confirmations of this information.

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