Smart TV, Google Alarm: They can spy on us, here’s how to protect yourself

Smart TV, Google Alarm: They can spy on us, here’s how to protect yourself

Even smart TVs can spy on us, Google has raised the alarm. Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself, and stay safer

Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Unlike traditional TVs, these devices allow you to do just that Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi And access to countless unique features that can be accessed through the center. Just think of apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ to watch movies and TV series, Spotify to listen to music, DAZN to follow your favorite team and so on.

Even smart TVs can pose a danger –

However, as you can imagine, being online inevitably comes with risks to our personal privacy. With data recorded and saved, it can become a goldmine for both businesses and potential hackers and cybercriminals. about that, Even Google got involved. Here’s what you should do to better protect yourself, so you can be safer.

Smart TVs can spy on us, and how to protect ourselves: Google talked about it

It will seem unbelievable to you, But it was Google itself that “confessed”. And from what it appears, there will be some Smart TV models that are potentially very dangerous For our personal privacy. Which in some cases may lead to the emergence of viruses or maneuvers that are implemented to be able to spy on us and obtain sensitive and personal data.

Smart TVs are spying on us: this is what Google says –

The alert was initially raised a few days ago by the cybersecurity company Trend Microwho mentioned how there would be at least 8 million smart TVs All over the world affected by spyware. That is, computer viruses that track user behavior that affect both TVs and low-end Android TV boxes.

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The confirmation came from Google itself, which provided an official response on some Android TV support pages online. Returning to the scam, it seems Dangerous code is being circulated Which obtains data about user behavior by attacking smart TV firmware. the The acquired information is then sent to a remote server, Allow malicious people to download it.

But how do you know if your TV is at risk too? There’s no official answer, but Big G recommends seeing it Whether you are using an official version of Android TV or not. Thanks are also due to the Google Play Protect certification, which can be verified immediately by opening the Google Play app and going to Settings and Information and seeing if the wording is there or not.

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