Fabric Odor Eliminators: “Strategic” Places to Spray for a Clean-Smelling Home

Fabric Odor Eliminators: “Strategic” Places to Spray for a Clean-Smelling Home

Fabric fresheners are the ultimate secret weapon for scenting your entire home: all you have to do is know where to spray them!

Having a scented home conveys a feeling of cleanliness and well-being, and helps make environments more welcoming and enjoyable to live in.

for this reason Many people resort to using air fresheners This is to cover unpleasant odors and give the home a distinctive scent.

This is generally a good choice, but if you choose fabric deodorizers, and not automatic room diffusers, it's good to know that they should be used carefully, at strategic points in the home and only under certain conditions.

How and where to use fabric deodorants?

According to the suggested name, Fabric deodorizers should be used on all textiles in the home. Included upholstery Of sofas and chairs. For an enveloping and uniform effect throughout the home, special fabric deodorants should be sprayed On curtains and decorative pillows Which is often placed on sofas.

Fabric deodorizers are strategic points in the home

Fabric deodorizers can irritate animals

Another good strategy is Spray them on carpets, Especially those in rooms: the texture of the carpet, which is thick and highly absorbent, will act as a diffuser allowing the fragrance to permeate the environment for a very long time.

As for the bedroom, you can spray fabric deodorant On winter blankets or bedspreads, Never place on sheets or pillowcases that come in direct contact with the skin as this may cause an irritating allergic reaction. If you own one The headboard of the bed is covered with fabric It can be used like carpets as an ideal long-term aroma diffuser.

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If they wait guests You may decide to spray deodorant on it Towels Which we will provide for them to make them look clean and freshly washed.

Finally, here they are Places where fabric softener should never be sprayed, That is, on all those fabrics that are frequently used and rarely washed, e.g sofa seats, Especially if there are animals in the house. The reason is that Deodorant should always be sprayed on clean or fairly clean fabrics So that its fragrance does not mix with the odors already present on the fabrics (such as animal odor), creating a truly unpleasant mixture. Moreover, regarding our four-legged friends, you should always avoid using cloth deodorant on chairs, armchairs or in the kennel that your dog uses frequently: the perfume may irritate him and can cause irritation.

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