Live broadcast now of the Boca Juniors and Fluminense 1-1 match

Live broadcast now of the Boca Juniors and Fluminense 1-1 match

11 pm

The first overtime period begins

After a few minutes of rest, we start again. The referee blows the whistle to start extra time.

10.55 pm

Diogo Barbosa, what a mistake! We go to extra time

The Fluminense defender wasted a great opportunity with a long shot from an excellent position a few seconds before the end of the match. After 4 minutes of stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of regular time. Boca and Fluminense draw 1-1.

10.45 pm

Triple change in favor of Fluminense

Minute 10 of the 90th minute, the Brazilian national team responded to the Argentine moves with three substitutions: the exit of Marcelo, Ganso and Martinelli. Enter Diogo Barbosa, John Kennedy and Lima.

10.40 pm

Edinson Cavani leaves

Two changes at Boca Juniors: former Napoli and Barco leave the field: Benedetto and Langone enter.

10.35 pm

Boca Juniors draw: Advincula magic!

In the 26th minute of the second half, the score was 1-1 for the Argentine national team. The Peruvian defender took advantage of Fluminense’s defensive lack of attention and fired a sarcastic shot with his left foot from a tight angle, which went past Fabio.

10.30 pm

Three yellow cards in four minutes

Time passes and the nervousness increases in disguise. Consecutive yellow cards for Cavani, Keno and Figal.

10.20 pm

First good chance for Boca

Advincula presents himself well on the right flank, cutting the ball into the middle and firing a dangerous left-footed shot to the left of Fabio’s goal.

10.10 pm

First substitution: Felipe Melo exits

The former Fiorentina, Juventus and Inter midfielder leaves the field: Marlon comes in his place.

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10.05 pm

The second half begins

There are no substitutions, the teams return to the field with the same formations.

9.50 pm

End of the first half: Brazilians take the lead

Two minutes into stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle to end the first half. Fluminense leads Boca Juniors 1-0.

9.39 pm

Fluminense goal: Kanu scores!

The match breaks the deadlock in the 35th minute: Keino exchanges the ball with Arias on the right flank and passes a low cross to the Argentine striker, who surprises Romero with the first goal from the center of the area. This is the 13th goal for the Libertadores scorer.

9.30 pm

Boca Juniors is suffering a lot

After a shot from Merentel controlled by Fabio, Boca Juniors tries to raise the center of gravity, but without much success. Now the match is more balanced, even if possession of the ball remains clearly in Fluminense’s favour.

9.15 pm

Kanu is trying his head

Kanu hits a cross from Marcelo with his head, but Romero blocks the ball.

9.10 pm

A good start for Fluminense

The Brazilian team keeps the ball, and Boca waits in their midfield, but at the moment they cannot resume play.


Here we go: The Copa Libertadores final begins

The match was refereed by Colombian referee Wilmar Roldan.

8.55 pm

Felipe Melo cries before the match

During the playing of the national anthem, the former Inter, Juventa and Fiorentina player appeared visibly emotional on television: details.

8.45 pm

Maradona’s nephew was also in the stands

While waiting for kick-off, Benjamin Aguero, Maradona’s grandson and Kun’s son, was seen among the Argentine fans, wearing a black T-shirt with a picture of his grandfather silhouetted for the occasion.

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8.30 pm

Official training of Fluminense

The Brazilians’ 4-2-3-1 line: Fabio; Xavier, Nino, Felipe Melo, Marcelo; Andre, Martinelli; Arias, Gansu, Qinu; Kano. Herd Fernando Diniz.

8.15 pm

Official formation of Boca Juniors

The Argentine national team’s line was 4-4-2: Romero; Advincula, Figal, Valentini, Fabra; Medina, Paul Fernandez, Equi Fernandez, Barco; Merentel, Cavani. Coach Jorge Almiron


Argentina – Brazil 25-22

A challenge within a challenge: So far, Argentine teams have won the Copa Libertadores 25 times, while the Brazilian team remains at 22 times. A clear contradiction, given that Uruguay is in third place with 8 wins.

7.45 pm

Fluminense never won

This is the second final of the Copa Libertadores for the Rio de Janeiro team. After defeat in 2008, the Cariocas are trying again today.

7.30 pm

Boca Juniors is looking for seventh place

The Argentine side have won the Copa Libertadores six times (last in 2007) and are chasing Independiente’s record of seven titles.

MaracanĂ£ Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

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