It's called “textitis”, a disease caused by smartphones: what it causes and how to prevent it

It's called “textitis”, a disease caused by smartphones: what it causes and how to prevent it

Knowing the side effects of using smartphones is essential to take the right precautions.

Smartphones and tablets have entered our daily lives for many years now, and little by little, they have conquered all the available space. Unfortunately, this situation also has negative effects. In addition to its significant impact on our mental health and attention span, recent studies have found that Having your phone in your hand all the time can also cause other serious side effects.

Smartphones cause various problems to our health –

If so far we have heard mainly about problems of a psychological nature, today many scientists say that there can also be problems Physical discomforts associated with excessive smartphone use. Recently, many have tried to highlight a particular problem that has been defined as “textitis,” a term that arises from the union between “texting” and “arthritis.”

Another confirmation that using smartphones too much is not good for our health

the term “textiteIt refers to a number of musculoskeletal disorders caused by excessive use of smartphones. These disorders include tendonitis, arthritis of the thumb, and so-called “trigger finger.” Symptoms of callusitis range from pain and stiffness in the thumb to a clicking or locking sensation when bending and straightening the finger. The main cause is repetitive and abnormal movement of the thumb In frequent use of smartphones to write messages or navigate.

Using your smartphone too much can cause arthritis
Typing a lot on smartphones can cause arthritis problems –

According to Dr. Wayne Weil, an American osteopath who works at Orthopedic Specialists in Seattle, these problems, if not treated appropriately, It can affect daily activities and require more invasive interventions. Prevention of scriptitis includes reducing smartphone use, changes in finger typing, and rest periods. If symptoms continue to occur, treatments such as braces, pain medications, and cortisone injections may provide relief. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

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One of the most important measures is Change your smartphone usage habits. For example, using your index finger to write or switching hands can reduce pressure on your thumb. Using ergonomic techniques and regular rest periods during prolonged use of devices can also be very helpful.

Similar recommendations also apply to other devices, not just smartphones. Excessive use of the joystick on video game consoles or incorrect position of the hands when using a computer can actually cause the same type of problems.

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