“Sleep is good for you”

“Sleep is good for you”

Luciana Letizito do not send them to say. In Che tempo che fa, this time, the moment of the speech was entirely devoted to Micol Incorvaia who recently said she was “upset” because she had been woken up by an Amazon courier, the intercom ringing at 9.30am. It was Jevina’s Instagram ex who told her and the news spread on the internet, sparking many controversies. But here, with her direct and obvious paradoxes, Luciana burst into the studio and had her say by reading a message that put all the spectators in disarray. The presenter begins “I received a letter from the Amazon delivery person asking if I could give this letter to Micol”. And here the reading begins: «Dear Mikul, VIP Big Sister…»

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the message

“I am the Amazon delivery boy,” begins Luciana bluntly, “I am sorry that I got you out of bed at that infamous hour and forced you to walk, I should have imagined you were still asleep. I felt filth in my soul, and guilt up to the third degree of judgment, so they called me like my older brother and condemned me without a televised broadcast.” While in the background people in the studio laugh and have fun, the presenter continues: “I got up at 5.00 and went to take the van to start my tour deliveries. My bad, I had to wait for you to wake up baby, pulling my nose hairs in anticipation. In fact, I’m sorry if I don’t bring you a fresh croissant from Canfacciolo.”

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the words “honey”

“Forgive us the people The spoiled woman who works 30 hours a day, pays off the mortgage, and buys things in installments. We are not humble like you. Now I must leave you, Mikul, I would like to write you some more but I have to deliver 18 in half an hour. I hope you’re happy, I think it’s more or less about time…” And finally, the punch: “Let’s exchange numbers and call me whenever you want, even at night, when you come back from the disco if it’s better for you, I’ll get dressed and I’ll arrive.” Goodnight Micol, go back to sleep, this is the best thing for you.”

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