Slavia Prague, severe clashes in central Rome: six policemen were injured and four arrested

Slavia Prague, severe clashes in central Rome: six policemen were injured and four arrested

six Policemen were injured and four Czech ultras were arrested. This is the (provisional) tally for Slavia Prague’s away match in the capital, which will be played this evening in the Europa League against Roma. Jose Mourinho.

The events broke out in the Via Cavour area, a few steps from the Viminale police station. The impromptu procession of fans in the Colosseum area was blocked, and 10 of them separated from the large group that was meanwhile being loaded onto buses heading to the Stadio Olimpico.

Firecrackers and paper bombs: Those who paid the price were the officers who intervened to control the improvised procession. The policeman was seriously injured in his eye and was taken to the hospital. The injuries to other colleagues were minor.

Unrest also in the Olympic area. At around 8pm, a Roma fan stabbed a Slavia Braga fan in the buttocks on the Duca d’Aosta Bridge. Also brawls at the turnstiles. The hosts were attacked and robbed by Czech fans who then displayed their yellow monks in the corner.

A Roma Toscolano banner also appeared in the sector of the Olympic Stadium occupied by Czech fans, and was stolen by a Czech fan at Monte Mario and passed to friends in the away sector, who then displayed it upside down until a steward intervened. This suggests that in the hours before the match there were also clashes between fans and that the Slavia Prague ultras stole the banner from the Roma club.

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News of the stabbing of a Czech fan yesterday had already spread in Telegram chats, where ultras flock. Rome Police Headquarters denied this news throughout the day.

Brief background: Slavia Prague fans gathered without warning in the Colosseum area to protest against the police. They prepared a banner for Maxi’s choreography about Julius Caesar to be displayed in the guest sector. After the image was deemed provocative towards the home team’s fans and thus considered a possible cause for a brawl between fans, the Czech Ultras decided to gather in the middle to reach the Stadio Olimpico on foot. Two hosts were also attacked.

On the social pages of Slavia Prague fans, we read about the failed negotiations on the choreography that would also have received the green light from Roma fans.

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