Juventus and Chiellini: “Yes to the Premier League, a lot of teams in the Italian League”

Juventus defender in the wake of Agnelli: “We need to reform the calendars and create new competitions. The fans also want more European matches. In the Serie A we should go back to 18 teams or maybe 16”

Giorgio Chiellini has very clear ideas about the future of football, he talked about them in an interview with Dazen. A Superlega likeness is welcome: “I’ve talked about it with the president (Andrea Agnelli, editor) for a few years. The future of football is increasingly oriented towards Europe compared to the national leagues. A player at the level of Juventus wants to play those matches, with all due respect. I’ve been speaking with the president for years. Many around this possibility. Athletes of our level but also fans want to watch more and more matches at European level. We have reached the point of no return. Institutions, clubs and players must come together to reform the calendar and create new competitions to give new impetus to this sport that remains the most beautiful in the world but for Lee can be improved. In every sport.”

Fewer teams in the Italian league

For the Juventus captain, the Premier League also means a reform of the current Serie A: “There are too many teams in Serie A at the moment, we have to be 18. 18 is the number. Just to get back to being more competitive and giving more space to European level matches. Even If we the romantics want to cancel VAR or remove offside or return the pass to the goalkeeper, the world is moving forward and we should not prevent ourselves from changing, I think finding people who can discuss together to improve football is essential. At the moment, there is a lack of dialogue And we are moving towards a situation that is unsustainable for everyone: for us and for the clubs. Even the fans know that.”

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