Vialli, why will the funeral be private in London? Luka’s last wishes: “Let it be a joyful celebration”

Vialli, why will the funeral be private in London?  Luka’s last wishes: “Let it be a joyful celebration”

the Funeral of Gianluca Vialli These days will be held in London in a special format. The date has not been announced yet, and he probably won’t know. The former footballer passed away at the age of 58 on January 6, 2023 from pancreatic cancer which he had fought against for 5 years, leaving the sports world in mourning but also fans and non-fans. Luca left a void, but he did it in his own style, the same thing that marked him throughout his life: secrecy. He never cared to be seen and his looks were slurring, as were his words. Gianluca has never crossed the line that separates professionalism from wanting to see and so does his family.

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Vialli’s funeral in private: here’s why

That is why in these hours, the family, the origin and the one he built with his wife Catherine White Cooperwith whom he has two daughters, Olivia and Sophia, released a statement saying the funeral would be private. “We thank the many who have supported him over the years with their affection. “His memory and example will live on in our hearts forever,” relatives wrote in a note. And, according to Gazzetta dello Sport, a public ceremony will be held in Cremona in the coming months, possibly at the end of the tournament.

Vialli, mother of Roberto Mancini: “Gianluca was like a son to me”

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Luke’s last will

A decision made not out of disrespect for the millions of people who want to attend Vialli’s final farewell, but a decision made with the utmost respect for Luca. Calculated, secretive and loyal man. In fact, it was he who made his will at his funeral before his death. As reported by Corriere della Sera In these hours his loved ones are gathered in Cremona in pain. Gianluca’s untimely death is mourned by his siblings and elderly parents, his father Gianfranco, 92, and his mother, Maria Teresa (known as Marioli), 85.

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In London, the last farewell

But in London his wife Katherine is there, with their daughters Olivia and Sophia, and their sister and sister-in-law arrived yesterday. The Vialli family motto is just one: confidentiality. The date has not been specified, again according to Via Solferino (because bureaucratic procedures in London take longer than ours), but in any case it will not be reported. What we do know is that it will take place in London. So Gianluca wanted.

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Gianluca Vialli «However, the family members who took his side recommended not to organize a gray farewell – explains Corriere della Sera – Luca wanted a “cheerful funeral”». And all this makes you move more. For his farewell, Vialli wants a day surrounded by the people who truly love him. «It certainly won’t be easyThe paper concludes. But Luke was just like that, full of life and radiance.

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Mass in Cremona tomorrow

Meanwhile, tomorrow in Cremona, his beloved city, a Mass will be held in the parish of Christ the King, in the Po district, there where Gianluca kicked a ball in the court of the Chapel for the first time. It seems that some of his family initially considered celebrating mass in the cathedral, but Gianluca’s mother insisted on saying goodbye to Christ the King, and where it all began there will be farewells.

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