October 1, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Amici 21”, Zerbi-Celentano Pardon a student: Carola is leaving school

Race starts with

The challenge between Zerbe Celentano and Pepparini Bettinelli

. The first test sees LDA as PePe’s face and the singer takes PePe’s first point. Then Celentano released the first gauntlet of the evening: dancers Michelle and Dario who have to show their versatility on a modern, one-of-a-kind piece of hip-hop are compared. The jury rewards Michel and the challenge returns to a tie. The third and decisive confrontation between Luigi and Dario, and the singer returns 2-1 to Zerbe Celentano. Togo

on the ballot

it is exactly



to me

second term

Zerbe Celentano

They decided to challenge the team

Kokarini Todaro

. The challenge begins well for them because Luigi takes the first point by persuading the jury more than Nunzio does. The second test sees Serena perform with Alex as LDA takes the field for opponents: the mix of dance and song is more impressive and the comparison goes 1-1. The decisive confrontation between Alex and Michelle and the dancer scores a point

second statement

from the evening

Zerbe Celentano

. Togo

to vote

will be the final



Ahead of the new round, the now classic challenge between masters has been renewed. This time, Lorella, Raimundo, Rudy and Alessandra challenged to group dances.

to me

The third and final heat

The difference remains unchanged by renewing the comparison between

Zerbe Celentano


Kokarini Todaro

. The first test sees Luigi opposing Nunzio and proves the singer once again among the favorites in this version, bringing home another point. Sisi takes care of balancing the fortunes of the heat and gets more jury praise than those he manages for bringing LDA home: 1-1. The crucial test sees Carola and Michel step into two moves against Cissy in a duet with Alex. It’s the singers who get a point

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Victory for Kokarini-Todaro

. there

The third student

to end

on the ballot




Thus, the final ballot sees them committed to trying to maintain their place in the school

Dario, Serena and Carolla

. The jury’s first vote sees absolute parity, in a new conciliabolo the three judges decide to return the Cuccarini-Todaro dancer to the competition. So the final battle between Dario and


. After the performances, the two return home where they await the verdict: and the girl is the one who

He has to leave school

. You can console yourself with a place in the new show “Romeo and Juliet”

Fabrizio Monteverdi

, choreographer of the Rome Ballet, wants her in the role of Juliet. Episode ends with me


Performance of the new song “Morto per te”.