Sister Loisida, head nurse who mocked the Nazis with a fake funeral, dies at 104

Sister Loisida, head nurse who mocked the Nazis with a fake funeral, dies at 104

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Faith. And science. Of what for many is an oxymoron, I managed to make an amalgam. And on that ingot he cemented his life. very long life, than Sister Luisidia Casagrande. The hospital nun, as everyone in Verona called her. But also the owners of the lab. Because Sister Luzidia was one with what was for her not just a work environment, but a place where this fusion of faith and science found its roots. Sister Luizidia passed away today, January 7th. in 104 years. Of which 68 are for analyzing test tubes and directing, as Chief Nurse, the analysis laboratory of theBorgo Trento Hospital. Civilian as she always called it. This is the lab in which I wrote the most important page. A story of resistance and resilience.

Profession and work in the laboratory

Her secular name was Lena. She left him in 1938, when he took his vows at the age of twenty. she is the one , Originally from the province of Treviso As I was born on June 20, 1918, I arrived in Verona for those calls. Those of faith and knowledge. Luisidia expressed her desire to become a nun when she was fourteen years old. I told my dad—he last told TelePace, only four years ago—and he replied: “I do not want to go against the daughter’s willWhen I know it won’t hurt. But think carefully about what you are about to do, because tomorrow you will not regret it.” He never repented, Sister Luisidia. Quite the contrary. It was the mother of the Superior of the Sisters of Mercy who gave permission for Laboratory manager To hire her, she was convinced that she could not work there because there had been no nuns before. Entered service Easter 1939. Departed that workshop January 31, 2007.

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The mock funeral mockery of the Nazis

During that period of time, Sister Luzidia wrote her story about resistance and steadfastness. He was a hundred years old when he was still telling it. Sitting in front of a computer she used when she was twenty years old. It was 1943. In the morning I arrived at the hospital in front of the Germans. So, day in and day out, I took some of the materials and small equipment needed to carry out the most demanding tests. In the laboratory there were municipal coffins for the needy. With this article I filled four of them. Then I called the chair. It was led by a trusted person. We picked up the four coffins and I went up too. That’s it Instead of a cemetery, we took them to the military hospital in Piazzetta Santo Spirito Where civilian patients were taken to the hospital. And this lab that I transported to the wagons did not lose a single day of activity. There she was, Sister Luisidia, in the military hospital where her beloved test tubes were brought and where the patients of the Borgo of Trento were, until the night of July 5, 1944, when the bombing reduced everything to rubble. 45 patients died in the surgical department, and five sisters of Sister Luisidia died. She tried to save them, but she couldn’t.

Hospital commitment and appreciation certificates

Over the years, that nun with a granite figure and slim physique has become an institution. And not only in the Borgo Trento analysis laboratory. In 1976 the Institutes Hospital of Verona They awarded her the Gold Medal of Merit. In 2002 the municipality awarded her the city’s gold medal. In 2007 he was awarded the Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. I went to the house where you always lived, Sister Luisidia. That from Apostoline in San Michele Extra. and in the chapel of that house, in Via Serenelli, his funeral will be held on Monday. Luisidia’s is a personal and professional story of great statureMarco Bravi, Director General of the Integrated University Hospital of Verona Callisto said. We remember his work with affection and appreciation, believing that it was these examples of dedication and passion that made our structures grow more and more. Sister Luisidia is part of our progress, it began when analyzes were still being done manually to the point of using the latest technology. In nearly seventy years of service –Words of the ruler of Venice Luca Zaia Demonstrated dedication that was the result of not only a professional commitment but a deeper drive. It will remain a model for all involved in our healthcare.

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The computer is 100 years old

Sister Luizidia, who At the age of one hundred, he dealt with the computer He repeated what was his life motto. This mixture of faith and life that shaped him: let us remember that First there is a patient in the test tube And that in this test tube, no matter how little there is, there is always a whole man.

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