Head of Zoology Station Anton Dohern in “Cinema and Cinema”

reach to Scene (Via degli Orti D’Aliberti, Rome), space of the Lazio region at Via degli Orti D’Aliberti, 1 in Rome, “Cinema & Scienza” series of meetings and presentations, designed and curated by Orsetta Gregoretti and Silvia Mattoni, journalist at Cnr, which aims to Deepening the relationship between science and cinema through film screenings, documentaries, meetings, interviews and discussions. Zoological Station Chief Anton Dorn Roberto Danovaro will speak during the five scheduled dates, scheduled for Monday, January 24th at 6.30pm, with the screening of “Memory of Water” by Chilean director Patricio Guzmán, which was awarded the Berlin Film Prize. Festival with Silver Bear for Best Screenplay and at the Biografilm Festival. The meeting will also be attended by Rafael Fischera, a journalist at RAI.

“Chile – says SZN President Roberto Danovaro – overlooks a unique sea between subtropical environments and the coldness of Antarctica. Adali trenches that sink to more than 8000 meters alternate with still unexplored fjords and inlets. The sea is generous in these lands. The source of livelihood and inspiration for the history of this country. The meeting will allow us to tell some extraordinary stories about water and life.”

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