Siren on the big? Meanwhile, Dybala blocked: Marotta is the only hero Inter needs

Siren on the big?  Meanwhile, Dybala blocked: Marotta is the only hero Inter needs

Take Wed in early June, the market blew thatInter It will have to be closed with an asset of 60-80 million euros. Translated into other words: At least one big player will start. Thus, you can also catch the rumors that are starting to spread. Those related to the future Alessandro Bastoni: The person concerned, as well as the agent, painted the doors of the Nerazzurri: “He will remain – he says the day I authorize the renewal of my Inzauri – sure.” to Milan Skriniar or Lautaro Martinez Today, it’s more complicated to be able to say the same, with a few nuances: It’s not certain that Milan’s mission at PSG made the Slovak a priority. The Argentine, on the other hand, is the big suspect, for a series of excellent reasons, starting with his substitution. No matter who the “sacrificer” will be, you hear the siren and eventually you’re back there: Senior will leave. Inter, at least in terms of image, can easily appear weak.

Instead, Dybala is on the verge of closing. Coincidence? Hard to believe: in Viale della Liberazione they dictate the agenda and the front page in one motion. Other than excellent sales, the news is the top, the first “official”, with a footnote Paulo Dybala. Agent and intermediaries manage Inter in full force. On the board, the first real, economic and technical presentation: it is not yet enough – and here we are talking about money – to end the discussion. It is enough to be able to anticipate that the distance will close and in the end the white smoke will be consumed, after long work on the hips send a unique message to the competition: do not try it, on joya There Inter.

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The difference is called Beppe Marotta. Not forgetting the precious work of those around him, Ausilio and Paquin. However, the CEO is the guarantee that Inter have taken once they free themselves from Juventus, and they have paid so far. Last summer it looked like a stampede: In the end, the team didn’t appear as strong as some had envisioned, but it remained more than competitive. And randomness, in football as in life, does not exist. Lessons, yes: Sometimes, more than one champion on the field, all the difference in the world gets him involved in the management.

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