Juventus Super League: “Compelling evidence of UEFA’s threats in court”

Juventus Super League: “Compelling evidence of UEFA’s threats in court”

A22, which supports the new competition project, is re-releasing Juventus’ motivating press release with “unequivocal coercion”, and will report to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

A22 Sports Management, the company behind the Superleague project, does not confirm signs of Juventus’ exit but is re-launching. The A22 takes its cues from the rumors of the day to announce, through Spanish newspapers likewho will present to the judge of the Madrid Regional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union “conclusive and unequivocal evidence” of “threats and coercion” by UEFA against Juventus FC to invoke the abandonment of the project.

statement and interpretation

In the statement in which it spoke of “the start of a period of discussion” with Real and Barcelona over a “possible exit” from the Superleague project, Juventus wrote that “many reconstructions reported by the press regarding the contents of the communication (including any reference to alleged threats of sanctions from Before the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) does not correspond to the truth.” And the rumors from Spain spoke of the threat of exclusion from the cups for a period of five years, while A22 As reported, that it refers to “unacceptable pressure that Juventus was subjected to, which was threatened with expulsion from European competitions.” For three years, she hasn’t given up on the Superleague project.

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