Sinner No. 6 in the world, now chasing Panatta and Us

Sinner No. 6 in the world, now chasing Panatta and Us

There, obviously, the air is rarefied and the environment is not for everyone. Janek Sinner, It is not surprising that he is the third Italian tennis player to go so high. Before Jannik, the first Sid 1000 winner of his career on Sunday in Toronto, Matthew Berettini No. 6 in January last year, after 2021 (Grace’s final year at Wimbledon and the ATP Finals as a starter, though he was promptly crippled by an abdominal injury that would have dogged him for a long time) and on the Australian Open semifinal wave . Better than Yannick, only Adriano Panatta’s No. 4 in 1976, the season when the golden arm turned every ball it touched into bullion (A very prestigious hat-trick in the Roma-Paris-Davis Cup).

-Junk Sinner, world No. 6 gravel after winning in Toronto

Wrong higher and higher

hereNicola Pietrangeli, 3 in 1959, he’d have something to say about that, rightfully so. But sport has changed with the world, computerized ratings have existed since August 23, 1973 (date of birth of the first ATP rating), we have to give us some rules in evaluating the exploits of our champions: if the sinner in fifty years is the third mountaineer to climb to the top 6 (ad maiora), equivalent to Berrettini and chasing Panatta, This means that the task is not much feasiblethe pace of the magnificent dinosaur twice winner of Paris in another geological era, approaching (September 11) 90 years exciting incomparably.

Parazotti was 7 Funini 9 We stood at the top 10 in the ranking, but we find very few Rotary. Sinner has frequented the upper floors of the order for years, and is used to the stunning spectacle to be enjoyed from there, but you in the world mean a lot too to Jannik who, taking match point with De Minaur, bent on his knees and closed his eyes: “My team and I have been working on these types of goals for a long time. Business grows, other people’s expectations grow, but so do I: I always want more, and I’m not going to stop there. On the contrary, from now on I will work harder because the sacrifices pay off and it is nice to reciprocate these feelings.”

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Towards the US Open

Descended from the Alto Adige mountains, Canc: The road to the first Master 1000 was more complicated than Alcaraz (already two major leagues) e runes (King of Paris Percy Master 1000 ahead of a certain Djokovic), to stay with two 2003-borns leading blue in the standings, who will turn 22 on Wednesday. like? His method: playing tennis. to Cincinnatithe last Master 1000 before the US Open junction, the four Grand Slams await him with open arms: for the third year in a row, he will take the field on his birthday, as the top seed waiting for the winner Sirondolo LajovicThen on his way he might meet Djokovicwho returns to play in the States after torturous seasons without Vax, and Alcaraz, the boy prodigy who must win in Ohio to make sure he gets to New York king of the world.

Banata’s record is no longer a mirage

There are signs of hope that the cork has popped in Toronto, and so the bubbles continue to pour out of the bottle. Only 65 points split Sin #6 from Ron’s fifth place, also fourth Tsitsipas at the shooting range. If Cincinnati conquers too or goes to the final (and neither Rublev nor Tsitsipas win) he will climb to fourth place like Panata, a goal carried over to the US Open. There are more complex combinations of results that would propel him there 47 years after his predecessor even if he was in the semi-finals or if he was stopped in the quarter-finals. But it is useless to fuss. Without making the mistake of expecting Junk Sinner to win everything from now on, It shows continued progress (Toronto was his second Master 1000 finalist, and third overall, in a season boosted by a semi-final at Wimbledon and an ATP 250 title in Montpellier, a tournament category that shouldn’t matter to him now anymore). That boy keeps promises. His ways and times: Not all Alcaraz. in the wrong.

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