Verona – Empoli 1-0: Live news live

Verona – Empoli 1-0: Live news live
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Marcantonio Bentegodi
    City: Verona
    Capacity: 39,211 spectators17:08

    Marcantonio BentegodiFonti: Getty Images
  • At the Bentegodi stadium, everything is ready for the match between Verona and Empoli, the twentieth round of the Italian League.17:08

  • The return round begins, which is a challenge to remain between the two teams in third and penultimate place in the league table: the Venetian team leads by one point, and is coming off two consecutive defeats. The Tuscans have not won since November 12 (1-0 in Naples).17:12

  • Here are the lineups. Verona with a 4-2-3-1 plan: Montipo – Czachoua, Magnani, Coppola, Doig – Duda, Serdar – Ngong, Suslov, Folorunsho – Djuric. Available: Berardi, Pirelli, Cabal, Dawidovic, Amioni, Charles, Saponara, Cruz, Mbula, Bonazzoli, Henry.18:23

  • 4-3-3 for Empoli: Caprelli – Berezinski, Walkiewicz, Loberto, Casassi – Fazzini, Grassi, Elmaleh – Gyasi, Shebandi, Cambiaggi. Available: Berisha, Berisan, Indraguli, Marin, Ranocchia, Zurkowski, Sodero, Cancelleri, Corona.18:10

  • Baroni confirms the team's narrow defeat to Inter: starting chance for Serdar in midfield, lifting Folorunshu with Ngong and Suslov to support Djuric.18:26

  • Problems in the warm-up for Destro, Andreazzoli picks the shaft of Gyasi-Spendi-Cambiaggi. Bereszynski replaces Ebuehi on the right flank.18:10

  • The warm-up phases are over, and the match coached by Dufry will begin soon.17:27

  • 1'

    Verona-Empoli starts, and the ball goes to Tuscany.18:02

  • 2'

    Ngong drops to the right, and Walkiewicz concedes the first corner of the game.18:04

  • 3'

    Goal! Verona – Empoli 1-0 Djuretic Net. Duda corner, Djuric flies into the area, the ball hits the crossbar and bounces into the goal.

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    A look at Milan Djuric's player profile18:05

    Milan DjuricMilan Djuric
  • 5'

    Empoli chance! Montepo cleared the ball incorrectly, Gyasi evaded the marking of Shebandi, who shot a shot that Magnani missed and went wide of the goal.18:13

  • 7'

    Grassi looking for space at the border, left footed by Cacace, high.18:08

  • 9'

    Suslov tries from midfield, and Capril is not surprised.18:11

  • 10'

    Cambiaggi gets trapped in the area from the left, and Magnani stops him in the corner.18:12

  • 12'

    Chachua has space on the right side, a bad cross, Capril raises it to the corner for safety.18:14

  • 14'

    Suslov gets a free kick from 20 metres, foul by Walkiewicz.18:16

  • 15'

    He beats Ngong with his left foot over the crossbar.18:16

  • 17'

    A cross shot from Ngong from the right side, headed in by Loberto.18:18

  • 18'

    Suslov leaves Walkiewicz immediately, and Gracie is in a good position.18:20

  • 19'

    Loberto's throw, Shebandi's control is inaccurate, Gyasi turns inside the area, his right foot is blocked by Doig.18:21

  • 20'

    Percussion by Fazzini, in the right corner.18:22

  • 22'

    Cambiaggi focuses from the left flank, and his right-footed shot goes wide.18:24

  • 23'

    Elmaleh sends Cambiaggi into the penalty area, Coppola is decisive in closing, the ball goes into the corner.18:27

  • 25'

    Vazini vertically for Gyasi, for offside in the attack against the yellow and blue.18:26

  • 27'

    Cambiaggi rewards Cacace's challenge, and Magnani stops him in the corner.18:28

  • 27'

    From a corner kick, the ball reached Fazzini, and his shot was blocked by the yellow and blue defense.18:29

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  • 29'

    Bereszynski for Gyasi, expected in the area by Serdar.18:31

  • 31'

    Folorunsho switches play for Ngong, and Loberto saves with the left foot.18:33

  • 33'

    Serdar stretches Grassi to the max, as punishment for the Tuscans.18:35

  • 34'

    Empoli chance! Second free-kick from Toscan, Grassi hits a low shot that hits the far post, and Montepu is trailing.18:36

  • 36'

    Fazzini falls badly to the ground, and play stops.18:37

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