Starfield: Official Timeline chronicles the events of the story behind the game

Starfield: Official Timeline chronicles the events of the story behind the game

with the release of starfield As it gets closer, Bethesda begins to reveal something more about the narrative context and lore of the game, also by publishing Official chronology Which reports am major events in history From the game world and constellation.

The official schedule can be found at this is the address On the official Starfield website opened by Bethesda. as you can see, Starting in 2050 And we come to the contemporary period of the events that are narrated in the game, that is, the hour 2328.

The first event, set in the year 2050, is the landing of man on Mars, which will lead to the first colonization in the year 2100. Later, in the year 2156, Alpha Centauri is reached and in the year 2159 the establishment of the United Colonies. constellation It was founded in 2275, shortly before the start of the Colonial War, with the goal of changing the contours of the known universe.

As previously reported, Constellation is a large organization focused on space exploration, based on New Atlantis. The Foundation’s goal, after the first phase of humanity’s expansion into space, has become to discover mysteries, in search of answers to the great existential questions of star travel.

Once the drive to colonize new regimes gradually wanes, the Constellation’s role becomes increasingly peripheral, but the members of the organization remain strongly motivated by will. space exploration And discover new horizons.

In anticipation of the news that will arrive from Gamescom 2023, where it will attend Starfield along with other Microsoft Xbox games, new rumors have surfaced today about the possibility that Microsoft is planning an interactive launch event for the game, which will be released on September 6 with early access from September 1.

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