Simona Ventura, mourning mourning: “…a close person”

Simona Ventura, mourning mourning: “…a close person”

Simona Ventura and the grief in her heart after the bereavement: Here are her statement, details and curiosity

She is considered one of the most famous orchestra leaders after Raffaella Cara, Loretta Jogi and Maria Giovanna Elmi, and she is great Simona Ventura. For years he has been illuminating the entertainment world with his professionalism and talent, and today, with Paola Perego, he leads the popular Rai 2 show, Citofonare, which is getting a good share of participation. Recently, the woman made a really sad statement after the bereavement that shocked the whole of Italy.

Curiosities about Simona (web image)

The first contact with the entertainment world of the beautiful Simona Ventura occurred in 1985, when the woman took part in the program conducted by Amanda Lear and Andrea Giordana on Rete 4, W le donne, and then (precisely a year later) continues with dating gameCanale 5 test conducted by Marco Pridolin. Given the beauty, she adds to these experiences her participation in the Miss Italy contest, winning the Miss Muretto gang.

Thanks to this achievement, she joined Giancarlo Magalli on the Domani Sposi show. The audience began to appreciate the presenter especially thanks to the well-known program that she has conducted for ten years: we are talking about Quelli che il calcio. Many of these other features have been added like Temptation Island Vip, The Voice Senior and Current The intercom, which is broadcast on Rai 2, was made with adventurous friend and companion Paola Perego..

the two women They have a lot of complicity They also showed it on Serena Bortone, Today is Another Day, as they were guests recently. All He gave the other something to turn the transmission into something more. Ventura said of the colleague:I gave him a little lightness ”- answered Pérego:”This is not to say that I brought her weight, but it is true that she gave me a little lightness.”

Recently, beautiful artist Simona Ventura wanted to remember a missing person on Tuesday, October 18: we are talking about Franco Gatti, who is known as one of the singers of the band Ricchi E Poor.

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The sensational statement of Simona Ventura

Simona is serious
Passionate confession from Simona Ventura (photo web)

After the news of Franco Gatti’s death, Known for being part of the most important band in the world of music called The Rich and the Poor, Simona Ventura wanted to remember the man with a message Exciting related to some photos on social media, specifically on Instagram.

His words were already very touching. He declared: “How sad the death of #francogatti by ricchiepoveriofficial. As if someone close had lost… These bands are not only part of our musical heritage 🎵, but they are part of our country’s DNA.
#RicchiePoveri #Rip 🌹”.

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