She was not vaccinated on medical advice. It’s a storm

“I am not a restaurant because my doctor advised me not to vaccinate.” Actress Diana del Buffalo ended up on the social grill because she said in an Instagram Live that she had not been vaccinated and would not be vaccinated because the doctor advised her to.

In front of the rain of criticism and insults after the live broadcast, with a few exceptions of messages of support and appreciation, the actress responded with a message in her Instagram stories: “When I entered the world of entertainment – I wrote – I immediately understood that ‘there were two types of journalists: those who do it out of passion and those who do it out of passion and those Who sell their mother just to make the headline like. I will explain everything very clearly because that’s what I am, I’m a clear person: it’s true, I’m not getting vaccinated because I was advised by my doctor, unfortunately due to family genetics I have a dancing heart, nothing serious but I’m watching it anyway. I felt inside that I wanted to listen to my doctor and so I did.”

He added, “The insults I receive are clearly the result of this society in which diversity is not accepted…I note it, with a bit of regret…It would sound silly but I understand that too. (Default) a hug.”

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