Tg1 “Attacked and kidnapped by Senator No Vax in Romania”

opinion journalist Lucia Guracci and her crew are attacked and kidnapped by a non-extremist senator in Romania. This is the complaint from Tg1 that tonight aired the accident report. Sent to tell Italian TV about the situation in the country’s “penultimate vaccine administration” against Covid disease, Gurracci then contacted No-Fax Senator Diana Ochowaki for an interview.

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“What pandemic? No deaths? They will all be judged, it will be Nuremberg 2,” said the parliamentarian, who “first put me at the door, and then – says Gorracci – unbelievable: With a leap, Republican Senator Diana Dugwako stands in front of us and locks us up. Then, after he recovered, he called the policeWho says people ‘break into my office and threaten me’.

“I managed to get out, tell the police what happened. I return with clients to my fellow prisoners for a while, but another shock: we seem to have become criminals, so her husband punches meOn the reporter’s complaints to the agents, the senator orders the police to search the crew, who they also accuse of theft, and delete all the photos. The searches, the reporter and the operators will be free only 8 hours later thanks to the intervention of the Italian Embassy.

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