Gretchen Walsh cancels Sjöstrom’s world championship in the 100 butterfly: 55″18

Gretchen Walsh and her sister Alex are on the right

Gretchen Walsh and her sister Alex are on the right

The Olympic trials for Americans begin, for the first time inside a football stadium, in front of 20,000 spectators at Lucas Oil Arena in Indianapolis, with a thrilling world record set by Gretchen Walsh in the 100-meter butterfly. Alex’s more famous artistic sister, the 21-year-old from Nashville who recently graduated from a stellar season in college with the University of Virginia, clears by 30 cents the record held by Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström since August 7, 2016 with a 55-inch 48. The Olympian has already started In the 50 meter course he loses the limit (25″45 vs. 26″01) to Walsh, pushed by two competitors like Tori Hosek (55″79) and Regan Smith (backstroke record holder, 55″″92 and outgoing medalist In Tokyo), he managed to swim a scary return in 29″73 touches at 55″18. It was only the second semi-final. Before Indianapolis he had never dipped below 56″. Walsh is world champion in the 4×100 medley relay in 2023, silver in the 4×100 freestyle and bronze in the 50 butterfly non-Olympic. Since the 2012 London Olympics with Dana Woolmer (55’98) The United States did not hold the 100 butterfly record which was already held by Mary T. Meagher and Jenny Thompson. Then Sjöstrom’s long reign improved her five times until she took Games gold in Rio.

Awe – “It’s a very surreal experience,” said Walsh, who looked like he was 50 years old. She also seemed to be a specialist in the short courses and short events as she showed in the 50 butterfly at the 2023 World Championships and at the 2024 NCAA Finals. “I felt that race so much, I thought I was going to die. I didn’t know I was going that fast and I got out of everything so quickly I thought I deserved 55″ 5, 55″ 4, and I wanted to go fast and now I’m with the record and I still have room to grow in the major I don’t know how long I’m going to think about it actually happening, I feel “I’m terrified, but now I’m ready for the final. I want to qualify for Paris.”

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IV Olympics – In the first final of selections, which was defined as the Super Bowl of swimming as the Colts’ home was converted into a swimming pool, Aaron Shackel’s nineteen-year-old brother (his sister is a finalist in the 100 Dolphins) at 3’45 ’46 takes lead in 400 freestyle with Tokyo bronze medalist Kieran Smith (3’45’76), first eliminated is David Johnston in 3’46’19, fourth is Bobby Fink 3’46’27, 800 and 1,500 Olympian in Tokyo and one Paltrineri’s competitors Katie Ledecky qualified in the women’s 400 meters for the fourth time at the Olympics in 3:58:35, beating Madden Paige (4:02:08), the finalist in Tokyo, in 3:73, and Jillian Cox, third. With a time of 4:06:89 , despite being an incredible athlete and having not swam since 2022, Ledecky sees Australian Olympic runner Ariarne Titmuss, who swam 3’55’44 in Brisbane, as an Olympian, and a champion, at the moment World record holder in this discipline, and with two more golds in Paris, she can overtake her compatriot Jenny Thompson for the most Olympic gold medals, including relays: she now has 7 golds (6 individual) out of 10. Nobody Like her. The ninth American able to qualify for the Games for the fourth time says: “I am truly proud and happy with this continuity.” “I’ve learned to enjoy training and seize the moment.” It was just said in a book. And finally, in the semi-finals of the men’s 100m breaststroke, the fastest is Charlie Swanson with a time of 58’35, the second is Joah Metheny with a time of 59’42, and the third is Nick Fink, the 2023 world champion. Ali Martinenge, author 59’46.

Katie Ledecky, 26, 7 Olympic golds out of 10, 21 world golds out of 26, world record holder in the 800m and 1500m, already in the 400m freestyle

Katie Ledecky, 27 years old, 7 Olympic golds out of 10, 21 world golds out of 26, world record holder in the 800m and 1500m, already in the 400m freestyle

Results (Saturday) – Finals. Men’s, 400 freestyle: 1. Aaron Shackle 3’45″46 (1’51″36), 2. Kieran Smith 3’45″76, 3. Johnston 3’46″19, 4. Fink 3’46″27.

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Don, 400 SL: 1. Ledecky 3’58″35 (camcorder, 1’57″18), 2. Madden 4’02″08, 3. Cox 4’06″89, 4. Hahn 4’08″ 21 .

Semi-finals. Men’s, 100 Breast: 1. Swanson 59 in 34 (28 in 15), 2. Matheny (02) 59 in 42 (27 in 69), 3. Fink 59 in 46 (27 in 50), 4. Bell 59 in 57 .

Don, 100 Farvala: 1. Gretchen Walsh 55″18 (world record, before 55″48 Sjostrom, Sweden, Dell 2016), 2. Hosk 55″79, 3. Regan Smith 55″92, 4. Alex Shackle (06) 56″78, 5. Corzan 57″24.

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