June 9, 2023

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Serie A: Bologna dominates, winning 3-0 against Udinese – Calcio

Bologna Udinese finished 3-0 in the league

In Target 3 of Bosch. An exciting goal for the Bologna defender: a movement running on the left with Soriano who passes in the middle, but the ball is pulled by the Friulian defense outside the area at the feet of Barrow, who supports sideways to Bosch, who shoots from 30 meters with a right neck and sends the ball under the crossbar, deceiving Silvestri with the path.

Day 12 ‘double Moro’. Udinese lost the ball early in the second half, as Schotten was waiting for Lovric and Barrow fired in for Moro. The Rossoblu midfielder reaches the edge of the area, feints the ball with his left foot and returns with his right foot, then finishes the ball in the near corner, strikes Silvestri and makes the double goal.

In the 49th minute Barrow scored. Brilliant movement from Bologna: Barrow starts the action in midfield with a vertical pass on the left for Kyriakopoulos, who reaches back and crosses into the clouds for Moro. The Rossoblu midfielder feints in the shot, flicks it in with his heel, and leaves for the arrival of Barrow, who kicks a penalty on the move and beats Silvestri at the right post.

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