Roma and Juventus scorecards: Dinamic Kostic, Vlahović (5) canceled out, Rui Patricio saved. Kane, Mad 3

Roma and Juventus scorecards: Dinamic Kostic, Vlahović (5) canceled out, Rui Patricio saved.  Kane, Mad 3
Roma – Juventus

No one will take back points from Cremona but precisely for this reason – given the victory of Lazio in Napoli and the defeat of Milan in Florence – Roma had only one outcome: beat Juventus and relaunch themselves into the Champions League zone. The goal achieved and the fact that a fairer result would certainly have been a tie (three black and white infected entries) are no problem for Mou. If anything, it’s icing on the cake (at this link news and commentary).

Szczecin: 6

Surprised by Mancini, he is good at covering Smalling’s goal.

Daniel: 6

Rabiot’s deep cross pass, Juventus’ most dangerous action in the first half.

Primer: 6

It requires physical fitness and attention.

Alex Sandro: 6

He is out after the time he runs without penalty.

Square: 6.5

It grows with distance. Closing in time on the spinaola. Also a function (external) on a free kick.

Beans: 5

Baffled by the grandeur of the Olympico, he missed an opportunity in the area of ​​Rome. It was replaced an hour later.

Locatelli: 5

The direction is flat, without flashes.

Rabbits: 6

Great ball by Fagioli and a perfect entry for the header. But he’s lazy when he has to lock on to Mancini.

Cost: 6.5

His sudden acceleration put Zalewski in difficulty. Dynamic and cunning.

About Mary: 6

He moves briskly between the lines without finding the high note. Roy Patricio co-influenced.

Bonucci: 6

Enter the second half, a little suffering and a couple of shutdowns.

Church: 6

He farted on the field where he was injured 420 days ago.

Kane: 3

forty seconds and is sent off for a reflex error. villainous.

Merry: 6

Juventus deserved a draw, instead they scored three points and lost the match after 4 consecutive wins. The UEFA Champions League turns into a mirage.

Roma: Leader Matic

7 Rui Patricio With the help of the post, he beat Rabiot’s close header. In the second half, Di Maria and Danilo stopped in the 98th minute. Save.
7.5 left-handed He risks giving up immediately due to a problem with his right ankle and then decides the match with an arrow from outside the penalty area that dies into Szczesny’s right corner.
7 Smalling With the Englishman back after his suspension, the Giallorossi defense is strong again.
6.5 Ibanez
It is noticeable that Vlahović made a nice progression.
4.5 Zalewski He does not attack and is surprised by Kostic’s venomous counterattacks. He also commits naivety and risks a Juventus draw. Mou took it off out of desperation.
6.5 Cristante It takes physics and some good engineering. In the final great defensive action.
7matic He spins the ball with his character. Lovely close on fagioli. Giallorossi midfielder.
6.5 Spinzola When he manages to activate the role, he becomes invulnerable.
6 Dybala Most pampered by the Olimpico, he plays wide at Mourinho’s odd pike. It starts well but fades quickly.
6.5 pilgrims Fake, very fake, nine, often on Locatelli’s heels. Sacrifice and quality.
5.5 Wijnaldum Play on the left and make a lot of mistakes.
6 Karsdorp Focused and instantly tailored.
6.5 Mourinho He won with Juventus for the first time since he was in Rome and does so without a striker

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