Serial servers have been offline for over 100 days, no news from Bandai Namco –

Serial servers have been offline for over 100 days, no news from Bandai Namco –

The Elden Ring has been an incredible success since its February launch, and millions of Senzaluce are still exploring the Interregnum. Meanwhile, I Dark Souls Server, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 I am still Offline onlinedistance more than 100 days Since Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have been forced to “temporarily” disable them due to a serious flaw discovered in the three game network’s code.

Brief summary for those who don’t know what we’re talking about: The Dark Souls trilogy servers were deactivated last January 23 to allow Bandai Namco to investigate a very serious vulnerability in the game code for the Dark Souls 3 PC version, unfortunately also shared with the first and second installments of the FromSoftware series. . Just to show the extent of the problem, this flaw can easily be exploited by a hacker to take control of our system, steal personal data and passwords, and much more.

A few days later, Bandai Namco removed all tags related to multiplayer from the Steam page of the three games, while the Japanese company’s last official update dates back to February 9, 2022, promising that it would solve the multiplayer issues of the PC version of the game. The Dark Souls trilogy only came after the release of Elden Ring (released on February 25) which understandably took precedence.

As of today, May 7, 2022, they have passed 104 days Since the Dark Souls servers on PC have been shut down and Bandai Namco has not shared the official news about restoring online functionality, that is, PvP and PvE but also other items such as messages on the ground and pools of blood.

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The situation is clearly understandably worrisome for the community excited about what it’s like to be the spirit of FromSoftware, particularly because of No official contact by Bandai Namco.

But hope is the last to die. As we know, FromSoftware still updates Elden Ring on a regular basis with new patches and it is not excluded that once all the most famous problems in the game have been resolved, the studio’s next goal is not to revitalize online functionality from the Dark Souls trilogy on PC. After all we’re talking about well-loved titles and with communities still very active years after they’ve been published, so it would really be a shame to shut down servers forever.

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