Ferrari SF90 Spider test, technical data, opinions and dimensions XX 4.0 V8 biturbo

Ferrari SF90 Spider test, technical data, opinions and dimensions XX 4.0 V8 biturbo

The first is with the airfoil

It's one of the fastest production cars on the planet, it's extremely exclusive and equally expensive, but above all, it debuts concepts that have never been seen before. Ferrari Chain: No SF90 XX Spider It will be produced individually 599 samples (Already sold out) It embodies a new way to have fun in the world of Cavallino supercars. Along with the coupe version (the SF90 XX Stradale), it is the first Ferrari road car to be called the XX, a program that for almost twenty years has brought wealthy Maranello clients to the barricades with cars specifically designed for the track, without the constraints of a road car. Approvals. there Ferrari SF90XX Instead, it contains the paintings, but reinterprets their philosophy. Thus the sinuous lines of the SF90 Spider from which it was derived were distorted Plates from the car body Completely new (in composite materials) Designed to maximize Aerodynamic load Which, thanks to the new fixed rear wing (not seen on a Ferrari road since the F50), reaches 530 kg at 250 km/h.

Style and function

To achieve such a result the Ferrari guys have to The front torso was discarded (But you don't miss it much, since it was small, 74 litres) And I rotated the radiator intended for the electric part of the hybrid system by 180 degrees to create a specific S-shaped channel – called S channel – Which directs air from the front towards the top of the car. In this way, the hot air coming out of the radiator was no longer forced downwards, which made it possible to make the system more efficient. bottom The car is almost complete closed. We also find new aerodynamic elements in the wheel arches equipped with outlets to empty the “turbulent” air trapped in the wheel area, while at the rear,Aileron action It is combined with a locking stretcher: a movable element at the top of the tail that rises and falls depending on whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the aerodynamic load when traveling in a straight line at very high speeds.

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How have you changed?

From an aesthetic point of view, Ferrari SF90 XX Spider It also has a unique design for the rear, where instead of the four headlights of the SF90 Spider, there is a thin LED light strip that also serves as a brake light and, lower at the ends, as a direction indicator. toInterior is essential“Naked”: To save weight, all unnecessary coverings have been removed and the carbon seats are a new design and are lighter (1.5kg less per seat) than the previous seats. Storage is almost completely absent, limited to a cup holder in the middle and a small pocket between the backrests: this is clearly not a car designed for trips, even short ones, but only for longer ones. Pure driving pleasure. As for technology, we find, as in the car from which it is derived, a large digital dashboard that can be configured via touch controls on the steering wheel spokes and a small screen in the middle directed towards the passenger. All the most important functions are there, but it's not the most intuitive system to work with.

A few horses

But let's get to the mechanical part of Ferrari SF90 XX Spiderbecause even under the bodywork there are many new features: the power of the hybrid system has increased slightly, which can now count on an additional 30 hp (1030 in total): 17 coming from a modified biturbo V8 engine with new pistons and new profiles for the combustion chambers, 13 of the electrical part (updated in the program) and consists of Three electric motorsOne is located between the eight cylinders and the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the other two are at the front to provide traction to the front wheels. Needless to say, acceleration They take away literally self: 2.3 seconds is enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h and only 6.7 seconds to reach 200 km/h. The maximum speed is 320 km/h, which is slightly less than the speed of the “regular” SF90 Spider due to the new aerodynamic flaps.

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a Specific calibrationHence, they are also specified for the steering and transmission, while the electronically controlled shock absorbers are intended for this application. As for the hybrid part, Ferrari SF90 XX Spider It works in the same way as the SF90 Spider: thanks to a 7.9 kWh battery located behind the seats, you can travel a distance of up to 25 km zero emissions (And front-wheel drive, because in pure electric mode only the two front motors work.) The battery is recharged from a socket opposite the fuel cap, but the quickest way to get it back to 100% is not to plug it in, but to drive quickly in the sportier driving modes, where between the regenerative braking and the V8 there is absolutely no danger of running out of power.

What a comment!

But how do all these innovations translate into the driving experience? Acceleration aside, getting behind the wheel Ferrari SF90 XX Spider You will instantly feel like you are driving a car that is closer to the world of racing than regular road cars. You can hear almost everything, from the slightest imperfections in the road to the noise of small pebbles hitting underneath, while once you open the throttle a little more, the symphony of the eight-cylinder and the intake sound of the turbochargers becomes powerfully visible.

When straight lines give way to curves,… Ferrari SF90 XX Spider Surprises in all respects, starting with the suspension: because although the suspension is stiff (roll is reduced by 10% compared to the SF90 Spyder) and designed for use on race tracks, it manages to absorb all the road bumps properly. surface without causing the vehicle to crash even in the event of large depressions. So you can press the accelerator with more confidence, knowing you won't have to deal with sudden “backslides.” Obviously, the credit for this behavior also goes to the electronics that determine how much power to give you at any given moment in a very smooth way and never with a sudden interruption of torque.

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You can also brake when cornering

Compared to the car from which it is derived, the feel of the brake pedal is also improved: the carbon-ceramic system, derived from cars competing in the one-make Ferrari Challenge Championship, stops this supercar “in a napkin”, but at the same time it is well modulated and thanks to the braking system Anti-lock brakes “Abs Evo” (which predictively manages the stabilization of discs on individual wheels independently) make it possible to apply braking when entering a turn, ensuring a strong sense of stability even when approaching the limit. The steering is very precise, a little less responsive than other modern Cavallino controls, but it's designed for driving through curves at the very high speeds this machine is capable of. Ferrari SF90 XX Spider.

He will go down in history

The best technology available today on one device Ferrari Found this one SF90 XX Spider The result is exhilarating: despite the technical complexity of a four-engined car, the result is a satisfying and even simple drive, once you get used to the massive power available under your right foot. Even in this Spider model (with the carbon roof that can be folded in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 45 km/h) there is no lack of rigidity at all. flaws? It would be difficult to find, if not for the obvious things for such a supercar, such as the lack of space for things and luggage and the noise. A private car costs a lot, but has a certain value in the future.

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