Ferrari sp48 Unica, dedicated to one driver only

Ferrari sp48 Unica, dedicated to one driver only

A Ferrari for one buyer is not a joke but a fact, the Ferrari SP48 Unica is something special.

Ferrari sp48 driver only – Motori.News

the program Ferrari Projects The car is about to mature distinctwhich can be considered one sports sedan. there Ferrari sp48 Unicawill only come true for one lucky, who worked to customize and decorate its red color with engineers. Let’s find out more closely FeaturesWho know each other about this new creature jumping horse.

Characteristics of the Ferrari sp48 Unica

Yesterday Ferrari Presented his new project, which he started in collaboration with one buyer. The car will obviously have two seats, which is inspired by F8 salute. The design of the car is designed in Ferrari Style Centerwhere we find at the head of the section, Flavio Manzoni. The center was instrumental in the use of 3D Technologieswhich allowed to realize Networks. This technology has made it possible to study newengine air shape grille.

there Sp48 unique Also re-established socketsbrake airfor more style Athlete. The car appears more aggressive, significantly modified, I headlightsThis, in particular, led to a change in the placement of some components. Another really interesting point is that Thermal fluid dynamicsa new study, led to the discovery of a new point for aerodynamic balance.

Sp48 during the show
Sp48 Unica during the show –

tremendous cooperation with Ferrari Style Center Make himself feel, go so far as to change the size Inlets for engine coolant flows. The study made it possible to improve all air intakes and reduce the size of the side ports. The car didn’t put much emphasis on surface area, mainly because it wanted to give more importance to rear load.

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The interior of the passenger compartment is very similar to that of F8 salute. We are basically experiencing some changes, let’s say the back window has been eliminated and styling of colours. The studio worked hard to find the right colors to make the car look faster Athletebecause style sp48 unique. This project shows us how Ferrari can start from its previous model, in this case F8 Tributotransforming it into something new and original.

Special projects what they really are

inside a ferrari
The interior of the Ferrari sp48 Unica – Motori.newss

Today for many was the approach special projects from Ferrariwhich really remains a thing.”distinctThe project is based on creating a file FerrariAccording to the ideas of the buyer who cooperates with the creative department. Practically a dream, who has not in his life dreamed of owning a Ferrari that is unique in the world, designing himself with the Italian home? Often the costs of these cars are kept secret, and even in this case it is not known, even if we can estimate, that the figure will be very high.

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