Scudetto party in Naples, great tricolor expectations

Naples lives alone General rehearsal for the scudetto. The city was ready days ago with flags everywhere and the neighborhoods ready to explode the tricolor joy in the history of the Napoli club. It’s also one Colorful challenging fun Among the provincials who made full use of Neapolitan creativity for compositions and choreography. Like the great flag installed in the night between the two towers of Porta Capuana. A huge shield covers the almost 23-meter height of the monument. In front of the towers, the whole team reproduces the cardboard, including Mr. Spalletti. But all over the city it was already scudetto fever.

2.20 pm: A magical atmosphere in Maradona and thousands in the referendum

a lot Applause as Team Spalletti entered heating field. But there is time for a new roar from the field after Inter’s third goal, scored by Lautaro. And then, at the triple whistle in the Meazza, the choruses and flag-waving continue even louder in Maradona’s stadium. while Thousands of people gathered in Plebiscito Square. The party has already begun.

2.10pm: The party explodes as Inter doubles

Goossens, assisted by Lukaku, scored a brace for Inter against Lazio in the Meazza. While the Nerazzurri rejoice in Milan, the party is stronger in Naples. A new roar at Maradona, after the first draw for Inter, and many people – who had already taken to the streets in the center of Naples – are now celebrating non-stop. Blue fireworks and smoke bombs Lit in the area in front of Stade Fuorigrotta.

2.00 pm: Maradona roars and Inter equalizes in the city

The stadium is already full an hour before the start of the match between Napoli and Salernitana. And the party explodes with a draw by Lautaro Martinez, who raised the score between Inter and Lazio 1-1. Now Spalletti’s team, in case of victory, can mathematically win the Scudetto. Choirs continue in the stands and waving flags. In the city the roar is louder. Embrace the people in the streets and fireworks in the old town. Even the ship’s sirens in the harbor begin to sound.

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1.30pm: I hear the match on the old radios

In the midst of the technological age, in front of Maradona there are not only people who follow Inter Lazio with smartphones or, in the square in front of the stadium, in front of the televisions of the bars and kiosks. Someone, in line to go through the turnstiles It is based on old battery operated radios. They are mainly white-haired and elderly. But many young people ditch their smartphones to listen to the game “together”.

1:00 pm: First joy, then silence at Lazio’s goal

Change the mood in front of and inside Maradona’s stadium in just a few minutes. Everyone looks at the Inter-Lazio mobile phone. And those who do not have a video connection listen to the match on the radio. Roars and immediately cheers when Mkhitaryan scored the Nerazzurri’s goal. But then I canceled. And silence falls on the goal of Luisa Alberto, who decides the advantage of forming Sarri.

12.30: Pitch choir in the church

there Church of San Vitale is located in Fuorigrotta. A short distance from Maradona Stadium. Even before the Sunday celebration, typhoid fever could be felt at the entrance and in the square in front of the sports facility. At the end of the service, the priest, instead of the traditional call “Go in peace,” uttered a ball song. Everyone in the church, children and adults, is jumping and singing.

11.30 am: Activation of the Rescue Coordination Center

It was activated in a governorate on date Rescue Coordination Centrethe body that coordinates operating rooms—from health care to law enforcement—in the various sectors concerned with protecting safety. The gates of the Red Zone are already populated Where it is not forbidden to cross by car. Access to the Vesuvius Garden and “respect” areas in front of hospitals and emergency rooms was also prohibited.

11 am: A crowd gathers in front of Maradona

Already a few hours before the stadium gates open at 12 o’clock Thousands of fans arrived at Maradona to sing hymns and follow Lazio’s San Siro match against Inter on their mobile phones, hoping for a Nerazzurri victory that would pave the way for the Azzurri to win the Scudetto. The area in front of the stadium is guarded by hundreds of men from the regime forces, and the circulation of cars is minimal.

10.30 am: National anthem for the Scudetto

«But what a Neapolitanis the title of the song destined to become the anthem of the Scudetto. Among the voices is also the writer’s voice Maurice DiGiovanni. The lyrics are by Dibsa, Gino Revecchio and Antonello Casconi, who is also the author of the music with Bruno Di Resta, Cantano, as well as Di Giovanni and Revecchio, Germano Bellavia, Gianni Conti, Patrizio Oliva, Monica Sarnelli and Gino Sorbillo. .

9.30 am: processions towards the stadium

After inviting the club to the fans – «arrive early to the stadium» – The Ultras have already organized scarves and flag rallies to reach Maradona. The first is at 9, supervised by two guerrillas from Curve B, with focus In Piazza Giambattista Vico: Then a procession will cross Piazza Carlo III and Corso Garibaldi to reach the Central Station. From here by metro to Fuorigrotta and then to the stadium. The other parade that the Ultra Curve A touts: Focus On Piazza Dante at 10 o’clock, then in Montesanto To use the subway as a means of transportation to get to Maradona. Return already planned: still in the metro and meeting in Piazza Municipio to celebrate until dawn.

9 a.m.: Safety plan activated

Ready too Safety plan and red zone demarcation For this very day. From 2 pm, cars stop in the central area of ​​Naples, a condition in effect until May 1. However, the large pedestrian area, manned gates and public transportation will not stop. The police deployment is impressive.

8:30 a.m.: Blue nativity scene

up to bed, a San Gregorio ArmenoIt turns blue. in a store Marco FerrignoChristmas was decorated with Neapolitan scarves and symbols to celebrate the third championship. Pictures of the baby Jesus, Saint Joseph and the shepherds with blue scarves around their necks while the three kings appeared Osimhen and Kfaratskhela And bring the tricolor as a gift. And not far from the cradle, Maestro Ferrigno placed a figurine of a child with black curly hair to remind Diego Armando Maradona.

April 30, 2023

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