iPhone alarm, scammers are at work: they’re copying the code and stealing everything

iPhone alarm, scammers are at work: they’re copying the code and stealing everything

There is a new type of scam that is putting Apple users in difficulty. Here’s how it works and how to protect your accounts.

In recent years, the number of iPhone owners around the world has grown exponentially, making these devices an increasingly attractive target for hackers and scammers. Unfortunately, there are many scams targeting it Specifically for iPhone ownersAnd in this article we will talk about some of the most common of them.

Some scammers try to extort money from iPhone owners by pretending to represent legitimate services or companies – ilovetrading.it

Among the most common we find Truff phishing Via SMS or Email: Many scammers try to trick iPhone owners with messages that appear to come from trusted sources such as Apple or banks, asking victims to enter their login or financial information. This is a very effective tactic, which can lead to the user’s account being hacked and money or sensitive information stolen.

Another widespread type of fraud is technical assistance: many scammers try to do this They pretend to be Apple technicians Or other companies, and ask the user to grant them remote access to the device to solve a technical problem. In fact, these scammers can install malware on your device or steal personal information. Users should always contact the official technical support directly to resolve any technical issues.

New scam: card fees and personal data theft

An article in the Wall Street Journal and also picked up by Business Insider describes a sad new trend among criminals stealing iPhones, one that could result in significant charges for cards linked to an Apple ID.

Thieves take advantagerecovery key‘, a security feature that users can optionally activate to protect access to their account. This feature randomly generates a 28-character code, which can be used to reset your password and sign back into your Apple ID.

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Apple users need to beware of different types of scams
Apple recommends hard-to-crack unlocking methods such as Touch ID or Face ID – ilovetrading.it

Thieves watch their victims enter the iPhone unlock code and then proceed to steal it. After that, they activate the recovery key or generate a new one, Thus preventing account recovery by their rightful owners.

According to a Business Insider article, the user was charged for the card associated with their Apple ID $10,000 After her iPhone was stolen. Another victim was signed out of her Apple account and had to travel from Florida to the California headquarters to prove her identity and recover her account. To protect yourself from these scams, an Apple representative has advised you Use Face ID or Touch ID when you’re in crowded places and to set longer alphanumeric passwords.

In conclusion, iPhone owners should be very careful of scams targeting their devices, and take security measures like installing antivirus software, Check information sources and theUse strong passwords. In case of any doubts or suspicions about a scam, users should always contact the appropriate authorities or official technical support.

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