Lazio, long-term property: second-degree injury, returns in January

Lazio, long-term property: second-degree injury, returns in January

The result of the tests puts Sarri in a dilemma: the striker will remain in the hole for about 45 days: he will miss 7 matches, including those with Atalanta, Juventus, Roma and Feyenoord.

Bad news arrives for Lazio from the results of the automated tests carried out this morning by Cerro Immobile at the Baidea clinic. The Lazio captain suffered a grade 2 injury to his left thigh muscle. The attacker will be able to return in only 45 days. Therefore, in order to see Immobile on the pitch, the resumption of the Italian Serie A after the World Cup was suspended in Qatar, and thus the transfer of Lazio to Lecce on January 4, must be considered. Immobile stopped during the championship match against Udinese and his stop seemed dangerous from the start.

club note

This is the club’s note: “The player Ciro Immobile underwent clinical and active examinations at the Baidia International Hospital. The tests revealed a moderate injury to the left hamstring. The player has already started the specific treatment of the condition. To daily clinical observation. Further useful examinations will be repeated in the days the next few to determine recovery times.”

Seven matches

Practically speaking, Immobile will have to miss seven matches: among the five league matches, there is also the derby with Roma on November 6 as well as the away matches against Atalanta (Sunday) and Juventus. The hope that the injury was a first degree (20-25 days) left some chances to see him again in the match against Roma. Instead, tests this morning revealed the most terrifying diagnosis. The absence of Lazio will be heavy at an important stage of the season also in the key to the European League (qualification in the balance). Instead of turning the attack, without a permanent deputy, Sarri will have to adapt another striker. On the list are Philip Anderson, Pedro, Cancelleri, Romero as well as Milinkovic. From this afternoon in the Formello auditions to choose who can replace the Immobile.

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